Former NFL Player ‘Whipped’ Son For Allegedly Touching Boy’s Private Parts

New details have been released regarding the arrests of former NFL player Daniel Muir and his wife, Kristen, following the disappearance of their son Bryson, who was allegedly abused.

The Muir parents were arrested July 3 at the family’s Logansport home, where Bryson was found safe. His grandmother, Cheryl Wright, reported the 14-year-old missing on June 16 and also told police she believed the teen may have been abused by his father.

Daniel and Kristen Muir were both charged with obstruction of justice. Daniel was also charged with domestic violence. Bryson Muir was placed in the care of the Cass County Department of Children’s Services.

In an Indiana State Police probable cause affidavit obtained by NewsweekDaniel Muir allegedly told his wife’s brother, Cameron Wright, in a recorded phone call that he “kicked Bryson’s butt because he touched three little boys’ penises and asked them to touch his penis.”

Daniel Muir (left) and his wife, Kristen (right), were arrested in early July following the disappearance of their son, Bryson (middle).

Cass County Government

The father said Bryson Muir touched the private parts of two 5-year-old boys and an 8-year-old boy. He learned of the alleged incidents from the fathers of the affected children who told their parents, he said.

“I kicked his ass like a grown man,” Daniel reportedly told Wright, also claiming that his son had never been sexually abused.

On the phone with Wright, Daniel Muir reportedly said that if they lived in their home country (religious land), Bryson would be put to death for his actions. However, they live in the United States and therefore cannot put him to death.

Newsweek has contacted Muir and Straitway’s attorney for comment.

The affidavit also says Daniel Muir provided police with video of his son standing in an undisclosed wooded area, saying, “My dad didn’t hit me in the eye” when the Muirs finally agreed to meet with authorities on June 27.

In a solo interview without a lawyer, Kristen Muir told investigators that their son was struck by an “unknown individual” and that “for the safety” of the teenager, his parents decided he should stay with his grandmother, Cheryl Wright, at her home near Cleveland, Ohio.

A few days later, the Muirs drove Bryson back to Indiana after Cheryl Wright “made decisions that Kristen Muir did not agree with,” doctors said. On their way home, they were stopped by police, but their son was not in the car.

Daniel and Kristen Muir reportedly gave different explanations for this in their separate interviews with investigators. But Daniel Muir admitted he took their son to another location — which he would not reveal to police — because DCS was looking for him and he wanted to protect his family.

Bryson Muir told investigators that last September, his father “hit” him with a green garden hose after his mother “punched” him in the mouth and the teen jumped and “collapsed.” Muir’s alleged actions left his son with bruises on his legs, arms and buttocks, the teen said.

He described two other alleged incidents of corporal punishment, including one that allegedly occurred last May when Daniel Muir “hit” him after he tried to drill holes in the walls of the house, leaving him with a bloody nose.

In another alleged case, the Muir parents allegedly asked their son and apparently a brother to clean their room. Bryson Muir claimed his father “smacked” him in the mouth and also “got the rod,” which he said meant he was spanked with a belt across his buttocks, leaving him with bruises.

At this point, Kristen Muir stopped the interview, apparently fearing that her son’s statements would be misinterpreted. Kristen Muir said that none of the children in the home had been abused or neglected and asked the investigators to drop the subject of punishment, which they did.

The Muirs were denied bail from the Cass County Jail following a request filed by their attorney on July 8, claiming that Daniel was a flight risk. Their attorney reportedly said the denial was “unconstitutional under state and federal law” and asked the judge to schedule a bail hearing and allow Daniel to be released.

The judge also issued a no-contact order between the Muir parents and their son. Their jury trial is scheduled for Nov. 4.

Who is Daniel Muir?

Daniel Muir is a pastor at Straitway Truth Ministries, a Tennessee-based religious group that some online have called a cult.

According to Straitway’s website, the group is a “nation of commandment-keeping Hebrew Israelites who obey Yah (God) and our savior, Jesus the Christ.” He can be seen preaching on topics such as intimacy and faith on Straitway’s YouTube channel.

Former Packers star Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila joined Straitway after speaking out against Christianity. In December 2019, he was nearly arrested after allegedly sending his two armed friends to a school Christmas program. The men were arrested for trespassing.

Houston Texans defensive tackle Daniel Muir during NFL football training camp on Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, in Houston.

Pat Sullivan/Associated Press

Gbaja-Biamila sent Muir videos of Straitway leader Pastor Charles Dowell, and Muir found himself in agreement with the pastor.

Muir also introduced his former Colts teammate Robert Mathis to Straitway after the 2018 season. Sports Illustrated reports that Muir initially reached out to Mathis about a coaching opportunity, but they barely spoke after Mathis took an interest in Muir’s T-shirt that said “HEBREW.”

Muir spent seven seasons in the NFL with four different teams, signing with the Green Bay Packers as a Defensive Tackle in 2007.

He spent 2008-2011 with the Colts, 2012 with the New York Jets and finished his career with the Oakland Raiders in 2013.

His most notable year was 2009, when he recorded 52 tackles, helping the team reach Super Bowl XLIV.

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