9 ‘Coronation Street’ spoilers for next week as Lauren followed

Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Dee-Dee and Bethany team up to search eateries across Warrington in a bid to find the ‘missing’ Lauren.

Elsewhere, Carla finds herself in a sticky situation when she throws a hooligan off his bike with her car door.

All this and more in our Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

1. Bethany and Dee-Dee are looking for Lauren

When the hospital confirms that a blonde woman visited Roy, Dee-Dee tells Joel and Bethany that the police are checking surveillance footage to see if it was Lauren.

Bethany believes it was Lauren who used her credit card and teams up with Dee-Dee to search for her at local soup kitchens in Warrington.

Joel panics when Dee-Dee tells him about their plan. But will he get to Lauren before they do?

2. Nina tries to cheer Roy up

Roy is upset that he has to leave the hospital because Nina is taking him home. She then suggests that he take a break and visit Cathy in Scarborough. Will Roy follow Nina’s advice?

3. Lauren apologizes to Roy

Later, Lauren shows up at the cafe and apologises to Roy. She then starts talking to Bobby at the Rovers.

Bobby offers Lauren a place to stay, but Carla is furious with the offer…

4. Carla hurts a hooligan

Carla spots the hooligans who attacked Roy earlier at the police station and goes to confront them. However, one of the hooligans drives towards her and is hit by Carla’s car door. Will this get her into trouble?

5. Betsy is giving Carla trouble

Carla is faced with even more chaos as Betsy continues to push her boundaries by asking for early lunch breaks while she neglects her work.

Annoyed, Carla goes to talk to Lisa about her daughter, but their conversation is cut short when Lisa learns that Betsy is stuck in a dangerous part of town.

6. Betsy and Beth join forces

Noticing Beth enter the factory, Betsy follows her intrigued. Expounding on Beth’s scheming, Betsy threatens to expose her to Carla if she doesn’t let her get involved as well.

With that, Beth shows Betsy how to sew fake labels onto shirts. Will Carla find out?

7. Dylan Gets Bad News About Mason

Happy to do a trial shift at Speedway, Dylan panics when Maria reveals to him that Mason is out of prison.

Will Sean be able to keep Dylan from falling under Mason’s influence again?

8. Rowan blackmails Nick

Leanne tries to convince Amy to join the Institute, while wondering whether to invest £40,000 into the business herself.

Later, Rowan tries to get Nick to invest in a new resource center. If he doesn’t, he’ll tell Leanne about his affair with Toyah. Will Nick give in to Rowan’s demands?

9. Toyah is looking for evidence

Desperate to take down Rowan and the Institute, Toyah searches Rowan’s pockets and finds his driver’s license.

Then she flips the images of his photos. But will she find the information she’s looking for?

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