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Attorney seeks release of former Colts player from Cass County Jail.

Daniel Muir and his wife, Kristin, were arrested last week following an Indiana State Police SWAT search and warrant. That’s when 14-year-old Bryson Muir was found safe and sound after being reported missing on June 16.

Bryson went missing after being taken from his grandmother’s home while he was visiting her in mid-June. His parents reportedly did not cooperate with the search after his grandmother called police to say Bryson had facial injuries.

The Muirs were arrested at a religious center in Logansport, after which Daniel Muir admitted to “shouting at (Bryson) like a man,” according to court documents, adding that Bryson had been inappropriately behaving toward young children.

Muir’s attorney says his client has been denied bond and is asking the judge to allow them to be released. Attorney Nathan Vining has filed a motion for a writ of habeas corpus, arguing that Daniel and Kristen Muir are being held against their rights.

The Muirs’ next court appearance is scheduled for July 16, at which time a judge could decide whether to release the Muirs on bail.

The pair are said to be leaders of a religious sect affiliated with Straitway Ministries, which has ties to the “Hebrew Israelite Nation.” Many have accused the organization of being a cult.

Daniel Muir played for the Indianapolis Colts for three seasons from 2008 to 2010.