Toyota’s Under-$10K Pickup, Camper That Really Blows Up Cabin Space

One name we haven’t yet reviewed in the fast-growing pickup truck camper top segment, California-based Topo Toppers has been around for three years, with models sporting fun names like “Badlander” and “Mesa.” Its latest roof debuts as its most spacious yet, combining extended vertical sidewalls with a full-length pop-up roof to provide serious living space and super-queen-sized sleeping space atop Toyota Tacomas and other market-leading trucks. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling cramped and claustrophobic in a smaller wedge roof, this one might be for you.

Topo already has a full-size folding roof on the original Badlander, but the all-new Rincon competes with even roomier top-roof models like the Tune M1 and Four Wheel Project M. Topo extends the sides beyond the bed rails to provide more space, but keeps them within the width of the wheel arches to avoid a really big, heavy, drag-inducing camper.

The flares open up more space directly above the truck’s cargo bed, but more importantly, they widen the roof and its sleeping platform. The Topo is able to fit a super-queen-size 72 x 80-inch (183 x 203 cm, full-size truck) bed area, something Australians would call a true king (Americans add an extra 4 inches of width to that label).

Wider sides provide more interior space and a large Australian king-size bed

Topo Toppers

Whatever royal designation you’d like to give them, the Rincon bed options, which include a 64 x 80-inch (163 x 203 cm) sleeping surface for midsize trucks, are significantly wider than the corresponding 52 x 80 and 50 x 80-inch (132 x 203 cm and 127 x 203 cm) beds in the Topo Badlander. Topo further enhances the Rincon’s comfort with a thicker 4-inch (10 cm) dual-density mattress.

As mentioned, the Rincon’s extended walls add some elbow room to the bed below, and Topo also offers optional MOLLE panels to fill in the space. They provide an organizational upgrade for hanging various gear. Smaller MOLLE panels are standard in the pop-up area, serving as both organizers and structural supports to keep the roof in the raised position.

Sliding windows and external L-rails are optionally available

Topo Toppers

The standard Rincon package also includes four mesh tent windows with removable vinyl inserts and fixed cab and tailgate windows. Beyond that, the aluminum roof is positioned as a blank canvas for the buyer, and Topo offers a full options list that includes a drop/slide front window, top and bottom LED light kits, solar power, a MaxxAir fan and an external L-rail for mounting accessories.

The $9,750 Rincon provides a lower entry point than the $12,999 Tune M1 or $11,495 Four Wheel M for those looking for a topper with above-average interior volume. That price is for the mid-size version with a 5- or 6-foot cargo box, and it starts at about 400 pounds (181 kg). The 425-pound (193 kg) full-size version starts at $10,250 and can be ordered with 5.5- or 6.5-foot cargo boxes.

Below is a four-minute video in which Topo gives a full tour of its latest model.

Introducing the Rincon – our biggest and best camper to date!

Source: Topo Toppers