BMW hit-and-run driver: Accused Mihir Shah made 40 calls to girlfriend after fatal crash, faces jail time

In a shocking hit-and-run incident in Mumbai, Mihir Shah, the son of a Shiv Sena leader, killed a woman and injured her husband while driving his BMW. Shah’s actions after the incident, including repeatedly calling the girl and trying to evade arrest, attracted considerable attention and scrutiny from police.Details of the incident
Early Sunday morning, Shah’s BMW collided with a scooter in Worli, where Pradeep and Kaveri Nakhwa, a couple returning from buying fish, were critically injured. Pradeep was thrown out of the vehicle, while Kaveri was dragged for 1.5 kilometres under the car, leading to her tragic death.

Shah, allegedly drunk, swapped places with his driver, Rajrishi Bidawat, after the collision. They then reversed the car over the Kaveri before speeding away. The duo abandoned the car in Kala Nagar in Bandra, removing the number plate to avoid detection.

Communication and avoiding capture
During the chaos, Shah called his girlfriend 40 times before going to her home in Goregaon. He stayed there for two hours, during which time his girlfriend informed Shah’s sister about the incident. Shah’s sister then took him to their residence in Borivali.

From Borivali, Shah’s mother, Meena, along with sisters Puja and Kinjal and friend Avdeep, fled to a resort in Shahpur, 70 kilometres from Mumbai, to hide from the police. Authorities arrested Shah’s father, Rajesh Shah, and his driver, Bidawat.

Arrest and legal proceedings
On Monday evening, Shah moved into the family home in Virar. The next morning, Avdeep switched on his phone for 15 minutes, revealing Shah’s location to the police. This led to Shah’s arrest after nearly 60 hours of evasion. Shah was produced in court on Wednesday and remanded in custody until July 16.

Police are considering detaining Shah’s girlfriend to question her about what he said about the accident and his condition at the time. “Questions will focus on what information Shah told her about the accident and whether he was drunk when he spoke to her and met her,” the official said.

Political and legal response
The incident, which came shortly after another high-profile accident in Pune involving a Porsche, has raised serious concerns. Critics say both incidents involve people with links to the state government. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said, “The guilty will not be spared and the police will not protect anyone.” Rajesh Shah, the Shiv Sena’s deputy leader, was suspended from his post on Wednesday. Before the incident, Shah was reportedly drinking at Vice-Global Tapas Bar on Juhu Tara Road. The bar’s license was suspended for serving hard liquor to Shah, who is under 25, in violation of state regulations. Authorities also demolished illegal parts of the bar where Shah was consuming alcohol.

The Mumbai hit-and-run case involving Mihir Shah highlights the serious consequences of reckless driving and the importance of accountability. As the investigation progresses, the public is left waiting for more developments and hoping that justice will be served.

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