Georgia’s accession to the EU suspended | IPN

After years of aspirations to join the EU, including the Moldova-Ukraine-Georgia triumvirate, Georgia’s accession to the EU has been suspended– reports the Institute of National Remembrance, citing Eureporter.

At an event dedicated to EU enlargement held in Tbilisi on Tuesday, The European Union ambassador to Georgia, Paweł Herczyński, said that “unfortunately, Georgia’s accession process to the EU has been suspended for now.” He added that “EU leaders decided on this during the last European Council.”

The Ambassador essentially removed any room for manoeuvre left by last month’s Council conclusions, which referred to the Georgian government’s policy “which threatens Georgia’s path towards the EU, in fact which brought us halfway through the accession process.

The turning point was the passage of Georgia’s Foreign Agents Law, modeled on Russian legislation that suppresses dissent. It led to weeks of protests in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

“The Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence clearly distances the country from fulfilling the nine steps, and the anti-Western and anti-European rhetoric is completely inconsistent with the declared goal of joining the European Union,” Ambassador Gerchinsky said.

He also announced that the EU had frozen €30 million of European Peace Fund funding for Georgia this year. He added that more action “are being taken into account if the situation continues to deteriorate” and stated that “it is sad to see EU-Georgia relations in such a bad state, when they could be the best in history.”

The EU granted Georgia candidate country status in December last year, but its leaders now “do not understand the intentions of the current Georgian authorities,” the ambassador said.

Despite the suspension, the European Council reaffirmed its support for Georgia’s territorial integrity and solidarity with the Georgian people. It pledged to continue supporting their European aspirations.