Iowa police officer and his K-9 partner recovering from injuries sustained in crash

Des Moines police officer Dao Meunsaveng was struck head-on by a pickup truck Tuesday, and firefighters had to extricate him and his K-9 partner Berro from the patrol SUV.Des Moines Police

A Des Moines, Iowa, police officer and his partner, a police dog, were injured Tuesday in a crash that left them both trapped in the patrol car.

Police say a delivery van hit the officer’s vehicle head-on as it pulled into their lane.

“A very violent accident,” Sergeant Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police Department told KCCI.

Firefighters were called to the scene to mechanically free the officer. Dao Meunsaveng and K-9 Berro from the vehicle.

Officer Saving According to police, the man was taken to a nearby hospital in serious but stable condition.

K-9 Berro was treated at a veterinary hospital and released.

Both Berro and Officer Saving Improvements are expected.

A photo posted on Facebook by the Des Moines Police Department showing Officer Dao Meunsavenga and K-9 dog Berro.Des Moines Police