Morgan responds to allegations of abuse and harassment

“People like monsters these days. If I were a monster, you would like me.”

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“People like monsters these days, if I was a monster, you would like me.” In the middle of the night, social media is flooded with reactions from Morgan, who is on trial for the abuse and stalking of his ex-girlfriend Angelica Schiatti and was dumped by Warner and Rai yesterday. Without directly mentioning the incident, the singer writes in a long post with only the text: “Violent beasts and misanthropic plague spreaders and executioners stay away from starfuckers and mafiosi, human beings and people with souls stay with me.” Morgan’s response to accusations of abuse and stalking is thus. Social message In his social message, the musician encourages people not to engage in “any war with monsters: they have a device for self-punishment, so we don’t have to do anything.” “You don’t like me,” he continues, “because angels are not liked by monsters. Angels stay with me,” he appeals, “monsters with them.” Then, at the end of the post, he talks about “lies, betrayal, blackmail”. And he ends: “The choice is yours”. Schiatti’s complaint Angelica Schiatti and Morgan allegedly had an affair in 2014, which they resumed in 2019. After only three months, Angelica ended their relationship, but that’s when the first problems began. In May 2020, Angelica Schiatti reported Morgan, obtaining a Red Code. The accusations, as told by Selvaggia Lucarelli, a collaborator of Il Fatto Quotidiano, concern harassment and the unwanted dissemination of sensitive material. Bugo, reaction to Morgan’s dismissal: the comment appeared on social media Messages and threats Through messages sent on WhatsApp, Morgan allegedly threatened Angelica to spread his erotic videos on the Internet. He then allegedly shared intimate photos of the girl on Telegram and other groups and threatened Angelica’s mother and Calcutta himself. This act, punishable by law, is defined as revenge pornography, that is, the unwanted sharing of intimate images or videos of a person. A fragment of these chats was shared online, on X, by the writer Selvaggia Lucarelli. Observations in front of the house of Calcutta, boyfriend Out of fear, Angelica Schiatti left her home in Monza to go to Mecenate, to her father’s house. But it didn’t end there. Morgan allegedly threatened Angelica’s mother, contacting her with cruel messages, accusing her of manipulating her daughter and threatening the girl with death. Threats were also made to Calcutta, who, as we previously predicted, is Angelica’s current boyfriend. However, the most serious incident allegedly took place in 2021, a year after the complaint, when Angelica Schiatti moved to Bologna with Calcutta. Morgan allegedly hired two guys to follow Angelica and her new boyfriend, find the girl’s house and bring her to him. After discovering Angelica and Calcutta’s residence, Morgan allegedly found a house right nearby. Emma Marrone takes a stand against Morgan: “For many, it was convenient to remain silent” Hearing and first public words The first hearing, after Angelica Schiatti’s complaint in 2020, will take place on October 10, 2023. After attempts by the defense to reach an agreement, the hearing was postponed to May 31, 2024. Even then, the defense asked to find an agreement, but after the lawyer’s refusal, the hearing was postponed again to September 13, 2024. Singer-songwriter Angelica Schiatti, after Selvaggia Lucarelli’s article in “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, commented on the case in a post published on Instagram. Here are her words: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the solidarity and affection that I receive from many of you. I have been silent for four years and will remain so (because the facts speak for me), hoping that justice will come in human times. I felt and feel very alone and abandoned by the institutions. This is the state of a woman who finds the courage to file a case in Italy, who tries to defend and protect her dignity and should NEVER be left alone.” Morgan offered 15,000 euros According to Corriere, Morgan’s defense will offer 15,000 euros to settle the dispute. “Angelica will not be there: we have already opposed attempts to settle the case out of court, beyond the amounts. The goal is a judgment that will do her justice and protect her,” says lawyer Maria Nirta, who represents Schiatti. Meanwhile, secrecy surrounds Rai. Yesterday, Rai announced that it was not planning any initiatives with the former Bluvertigo member. “In reference to the controversy surrounding the legal case involving Morgan, Rai explains that there is currently no agreement with the artist. The project has been announced but has not been finalized. Given this, his presence at the presentation of the schedules on July 19 in Naples was not planned,” says Viale Mazzini in the note. Warner drops Morgan After the Calcutta story, Warner intervened publicly, commenting on the matter: “Warner Music Italy, in light of the contents and news that have appeared and been reported by the Italian press today, instructs its lawyers to terminate the ongoing contract with the artist Morgan, leaving the matter to be discussed in the appropriate places.”

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