CHILE: Students help create native forest

Salesian Educational Center Talca focuses on environmental protection activities


(MissionNewswire) Salesians and students from the Salesian Educational Center in Talca, Chile, are focused on environmental activities, including the development of an educational native forest. Recently, a group of third- and fourth-year students planted 20 native trees. The land was cleared, leveled, weeds were removed, and a planting site was organized. The students planted Quillay, Peumo, Molle, and Canelo trees, the latter of which are endangered.

Dylan Morales, an electrical engineering major, took part in the activity. He explained, “We all have the ability to take care of the planet. We all can. I think this experience was very enriching. It teaches us a lot of values, how to take care of the earth, how to cultivate it, protect it, and preserve it.”

Morales noted that youth can use their skills and specializations to care for the environment. He said, “If someone is knowledgeable about electricity, they can focus on how to use that energy efficiently, using sustainable and reliable sources, while also encouraging conversations and teaching children how to use electricity well.”

Nicolás Ulloa, the science teacher in charge of the project, said: “The implementation of this educational native forest is an initiative that combines environmental protection, education, social integration and community well-being.”

He added that its importance lies in its ability to inspire environmental care, promote ecological awareness, encourage integration and strengthen the bond between the school community and its natural environment.

The forest is in its first phase of implementation. The school’s Environmental Committee will continue the initiative. The opening of this new environmental space is scheduled for July 12.

Salesian missionaries provide education and social development programs for underprivileged youth in Chile. After completing primary and secondary school, students can continue their education in higher education. Salesian technical schools are for students who have dropped out of school and are looking for a second chance. In many programs, students complete their education by doing internships with local employers. This increases students’ practical work experience and their ability to obtain decently paid employment after graduation.



Photo courtesy of Don Bosco Green Alliance

Don Bosco Green Alliance – Inclusive Educational Native Forest has its first trees planted

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