DPP Renson Ingonga President of the African Prosecutors Association (APA)

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Renson Ingonga has achieved a significant milestone by being unanimously elected as the President of the African Prosecutors Association (APA).

The event took place during the Association’s 17th Annual Conference and General Assembly, held in Marrakesh, Morocco, on July 10, 2024.

These elections are a source of pride for Kenya and the entire African continent as they underscore Kenya’s proactive engagement with the international legal communities.

The new role of the DPP will be crucial to addressing the complex issues facing prosecutors while promoting justice, enhancing cooperation and maintaining the highest standards of prosecutorial practice across Africa.

In his speech upon receiving the DPP Award, Ingonga expressed his deep gratitude and commitment to the mission of APA.

He emphasised the key role of prosecutors in ensuring that justice is administered fairly and ethically.

“I am honored and excited not only about this role but also about the responsibility that comes with it. Prosecutors play a significant role in the delivery of justice and we join hands across the continent to ensure that this is done in a fair, ethical, clear and decisive manner.” he stated.

His vision is consistent with APA’s core goals of fostering collaboration and sharing best practices in the criminal justice system.

Founded in 2003, the Association of African Prosecutors is a platform bringing together prosecutors from various African countries.

APA’s mission is focused on fostering cooperation, collaboration, and capacity building in the field of criminal justice.

APA seeks to support prosecutors and promote the rule of law and human rights across Africa through training programmes, exchange of best practices and open dialogue.

DPP Ingong replaces Egyptian Attorney General, Counselor Mohamed Shawqi Ayyad, as President of APA.

His immediate responsibilities will include chairing all meetings of the association and leading the Executive Committee.

The DPP’s term is expected to focus on strengthening the prosecutorial profession, resolving emerging legal issues and ensuring the effective administration of justice across the continent.