Brittany Higgins’ ‘Diabolical Plot to Overthrow the House of Representatives’ Explained

Editor-in-chief Michelle Pini discusses the defamation proceedings against Brittany Higgins – reported by The Australian – in which she is accused of, among other things, “conspiring” to overthrow the Coalition government.

IF YOU were planning to overthrow a democratically elected government, how would you do it?

Why not implement a double solution and turn to the Crown for help, as was done under Gough Whitlam?

Maybe you could just bring the full might of the fossil fuel tycoons to bear on creating a fear campaign about climate change policy, like they did under Kevin Rudd?

While it may seem distasteful and not for the faint of heart, a traditional coup, favoured by some of our African neighbours, may be the solution.

You can deploy a strategic negative advertising campaign, complete with memorable three-word slogans and disgusting insults, as well as made-up scandals like those that befell Julia Gillard.

Or would you rather organize an uprising, Donald Trump style?

With the possible exception of the dual solution, which may be a one-off because of its overly dramatic and memorable nature – though still quite feasible given our remaining British rulers – all of these options could be repeated in this case.

Undoubtedly, all of the above methods (even a military coup) would be quicker and more likely to succeed than the plan to overthrow the Morrison government that former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins and her business partner David Sharaz are accused of developing.

According to court documents that were “accessed” by none other than Murdoch’s tabloid Australianwhich details Senator Reynolds’ defamation proceedings against her former employee, Ms Higgins, who was aided and abetted by her current husband David Sharaz, was accused of conspiring to ‘burn the house’

If it If this were true, it would require the former Liberal Party employee to take at least all of the following dishonest preparatory steps:

  • getting drunk before taking off all your clothes and passing out in your employer’s office;
  • making up a rape accusation against a senior colleague, the details of which you share only with your superiors and closest confidants;
  • moving to another state, away from your loved ones, to continue working for the government you want to overthrow;
  • waiting two years before making a rape accusation public;
  • turning to elected Labour Party politicians and various supporters for help;
  • finally launching a negative ad campaign suggesting that your former boss and the federal government covered up your sexual assault;
  • going to court where he was to be subjected to endless questioning and cross-examination, only to ultimately declare a mistrial and free the alleged rapist;
  • making one’s entire life, including personal communications and sexual relationships, publicly available for mass analysis and judgment;
  • suffering from a chronic mental illness;
  • repeated hospitalizations due to deteriorating mental health;
  • enduring endless legal battles (some of which require traveling extremely long distances to participate in), seemingly never-ending; and
  • finally enjoying the fruits of your labor, fully three years laterwhen the government you worked for but secretly wanted to overthrow ultimately loses a democratic election.

It is clear that in the above scenario the Morrison Government would have been thrown out because of the nefarious conspiracy hatched by Higgins and Sharaz – as detailed above – and not because it was the most incompetent government since Federation.

According to AustralianMs. Reynolds’s statement accuses Mrs. Higgins is planning ‘burn the house’ By “providing false information in small doses” to opposition senators Katy Gallagher and Penny Wong:

“…as part of a larger plan to destroy Linda Reynolds’ career and bring down the Morrison government.”

Kevin Rudd and former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were also involved in this devious plan in some way.

It’s a brilliant plan, one that would be difficult even for Dr. Evil to pull off.

A spokesman for Ms Higgins commented on the claims:

“Brittany Higgins has remained steadfast in her truth about the aftermath of her rape at Parliament House. She is being forced back into court for a third time to discuss the devastating events.”

Just to clarify, Independent ANDAustralia does not imply that any of the above statements are accurate or that anyone has been or has not been defamed. We also do not encourage any future coups d’état.

Former senator Linda Reynolds has sued Ms Higgins and Mr Sharaz separately in the Federal Court of Western Australia for social media comments she says defamed her, with a hearing scheduled for early August.

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