Amazing moment: Good Samaritans try to lift car of 11-year-old Minnesota boy who was hit and dragged by elderly driver while riding his bike

Heroic bystanders in Minnesota who saw an 11-year-old boy fall off his bike rushed to help free the SUV from his body.

The young man was riding his bike with his father in Maplewood when a driver ran a red light and hit him.

He was dragged under the wheels of the Hyundai Santa Fe and pinned to the ground.

Stunning footage shows the moment of impact, as well as the quick reaction of several quick-witted Good Samaritans.

“I just tried to lift that car, me and his dad, we couldn’t – and then three guys came, and then we did our best, and then we freed him from under the car,” Mohammed Seleit, who was among the spectators, told KARE 11.

Heroic Minnesota bystanders who saw 11-year-old boy fall off his bike rushed to help free SUV from his body

A video shows the sickening moment the silver Hyundai drove over the boy and his bike as they were crossing a pedestrian crossing.

As the car stops, the boy’s father is seen frantically opening the doors of the vehicle.

The driver jumps out of the car and the two men try in vain to get her out. As they continue to struggle, a vehicle stops on the other side of the road and another motorist jumps out of the car.

A fourth person runs to help and everyone begins trying to overturn the vehicle, receiving help from more and more passersby.

Eventually they manage to save the car and the boy is lifted out and carried to the side of the road.

Saleit said he did not hesitate to act after witnessing the collision, which happened around 11 p.m. on July 4.

“There’s a child suffering,” he said. “His father was crying, ‘My son, my son, he’s dying, he’s dying.’ It was very painful, to be honest,” he said.

Mohammed Seleit, who was among the spectators, said it took the strength of several people to lift the car.

The 57-year-old driver of the car was later cited for running a red light.

The incident occurred as the driver was exiting Exit 26 in Maplewood while the boy and his father were in the crosswalk.

The boy was conscious and breathing when medics arrived to take him to hospital.

A police report said a broken leg was among the boy’s possible injuries. The report said the boy’s father was “hysterical” and could barely speak about what happened.

Despite the help of many people, the footage shows several drivers continuing without helping.

“It’s weird to me, like these people who… drove away without stopping to help us. There was a child under the car, he was suffering like he was going to lose his life, and they didn’t stop at all. We should be merciful in this life,” Seleit said.

The 57-year-old driver was cited for running a red light.