China makes serious statements to NATO over unfair content about China in Washington Summit Declaration

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

The NATO summit declaration in Washington is full of Cold War mentality and belligerent rhetoric, and the paragraphs about China are provocative, full of obvious lies and slander. China firmly rejects and condemns these accusations and has made serious statements to NATO, a spokesman for the Chinese mission to the EU said on Thursday.

The spokesman’s comments came after NATO said China had become a “decisive factor” in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and posed “systemic challenges” to Euro-Atlantic security in its summit declaration, Reuters reported. Wednesday’s declaration also included accusations against China on cyber, space, nuclear and other issues.

The Chinese spokesman rejected NATO’s claims, emphasizing that China’s position on Ukraine is open and honest, and everyone knows that China is not the architect of the Ukraine crisis. China is committed to promoting peace talks and pursuing a political solution, and this position is supported and praised by the broader global community.

China is a country that keeps its word and never supplies lethal weapons to any side in conflict, and it also exercises strict export controls on dual-use goods, including civilian drones. Normal trade flows between China and Russia are not directed against any third party, nor should they be subject to disruption or coercion, the spokesman said.

“The crisis in Ukraine has been going on for so long. But who is adding fuel to the fire? Who is fanning the flames? And who is looking for selfish benefits? The answer is clear to everyone. We call on NATO to listen carefully to the international community and pay attention to fair voices. Instead of blaming others, NATO should reflect on itself, take real action to defuse the situation and solve the problem,” the spokesman noted.

The spokesman further emphasized that the Asia-Pacific region is a place of peaceful development, not a field of geopolitical struggles. However, NATO still emphasizes the links between European security and security in the Asia-Pacific region. “We call on NATO to remain in its role as a regional defense organization in the North Atlantic. NATO should not become a disruptor of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region or a tool used by certain powers to maintain hegemony.”

China is a force for peace in the world, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order, the spokesman stressed. China asks NATO to correct misconceptions about China and abandon its Cold War mentality and zero-sum approach. NATO should stop trumpeting the so-called China threat and provoking confrontation and rivalry, and do more to contribute to world peace and stability, the spokesman said.

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