Contaminated food for tribal students: Two superiors suspended

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Pune: In a recent investigation, two government officials, Praveen Narayan Shinde and Dinesh Arvind Patil, were suspended for serving food contaminated with larvae to tribal students in Pune district.

The suspension was confirmed by Abhay Govekar, chairman of the inquiry commission, and Sandeep Patil, project officer.

Over 4,000 students from 16 ashram schools in Ambegaon, Khed and Junnar taluks were affected by the contaminated food supplied by Stree Shakti, Kotmadara in Ambegaon.

On July 7, maggots were found in soya curry served at Gorhe Ashram School. The incident sparked protests by various organisations, including Birsa Brigade, Students Federation of India, Aam Aadmi Party, Shashwat Sanstha and Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Khed, demanding suspension of the supervisors and cancellation of the food supply contract.

The protests at the Tribal Project Office in Ghodgaon intensified over the three days, leading to the administration’s decision to suspend supervisors overseeing the central kitchen.

Devdatt Nikam, director of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee, supported the protests by being present at the site.

Praveen Pardhi, district president of Birsa Brigade, hailed the suspension as a significant victory for their cause.

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