BMW crash accused Mihir changed his appearance to disguise himself, prosecutor tells court | India News

MUMBAI: After indictment he stated that the crime was heinous and the victim was murdered in an exceptionally brutal way, court in Sevri prison Mihir Shah24 years old accused In BMW accident escape case in Worli, in police custody until July 16.
Public prosecutors Ravindra Patil and Bharti Bhosale, seeking maximum custody, said Mihir, who had absconded before his arrest on Tuesday, had tried to mislead the investigation and had changed his appearance. “It is necessary to investigate who helped the accused cut his hair, shave his beard and change his identity to hide himself,” the prosecution said.
Mihir, son of Shiv Sena functionary Rajesh Shah, was arrested from a Virar hotel on Tuesday, nearly 60 hours after he allegedly rammed a two-wheeler and killed Kaveri Nakhwa (45). The police have arrested Sunday Rajesh Shah and the family’s driver, Rishiraj Bidawat (30), who was in the car at the time of the incident.
Wednesday’s incident in the court came as Shiv Sena removed Rajesh Shah from the post of deputy leader and CM Eknath Shinde announced Rs 10 lakh as financial assistance to the victim’s family. Asked about the delay in Rajesh Shah’s release, Shinde was quoted by PTI as saying, “Should his release from the party be the priority or taking action against the accused or providing support to the family? The government will not support anyone. Action has been taken in this regard.”
During interrogation, police sources said, Mihir told them that he was behind the wheel. After his arrest, he was taken to JJ Hospital for a check-up, where doctors took blood samples, which were sent for testing. The police said they would confront Mihir with Bidawat and also take them to the crime scene and verify their statements.
“The accused did not cooperate with the investigation and provided misleading information regarding evidence relating to the incident,” the prosecutor’s office said.
The prosecutors also said there were discrepancies in the statements of Bidawat and Mihir. “Hence, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation by confronting both the accused,” they said. The prosecution also alleged that Mihir had disposed of the number plate and had not disclosed its whereabouts. “Accused Mihir Shah committed the crime along with his co-accused and fled from the scene of the crime with their help,” it alleged.