Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang’s Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Revealed To Have Taken Own Life

Fans wanted updates on the case.

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang recently revealed the abuse that she had suffered from thanks to her ex-boyfriend. According to her in-depth exposé on her YouTube channel, she had started streaming due to her abusive ex-boyfriend, who forced her to earn money. Later, she continued to suffer from physical abuse exerted by him, as well as threats over an intimate video he had illegally filmed of her.

Subsequently, she managed to find escape after filing a lawsuit against him recently. Tzuyang claimed to have suffered for four years under him, while she has only been active as a streamer for five years. This means that the lawsuit took place as recently as the past year. Fans were curious as to how the lawsuit ended.

Through a statement by her lawyer, it was belatedly revealed that the case had closed without any conclusive results as her ex-boyfriend had taken his own life.

Tzuyang’s legal representative’s comment. | theqoo

Hello, this is Lawyer Kim Taeyeon. I’m leaving a comment as there were some parts during the livestream that were not accurately conveyed through proper legal terms. Just as we have mentioned, Tzuyang faced lots of damage, and hence, with my help, she requested financial payouts, the termination of her exclusive contract, copyrights, and more. We filed a lawsuit on the accounts of habitual assault, habitual threatening, force and abuse, as well as sexual violence, and more.

But her ex-CEO (ex-boyfriend) came to our firm to desperately ask for compromise and promised not to mention anything (to anyone). However, he violated this promise, and Tzuyang was left with no choice but to press charges a second time. Just as mentioned during the live stream, as there were many charges that stood true, it was predicted that he would face five years in jail.

But unfortunately, he made extreme choices, and the case closed under ‘no power to prosecute’ and was canceled. We hope that there will not be any misunderstandings or guesswork made about the relevant through this case, and we also hope that the related family members are not secondarily harmed through this matter.

— Tzuyang’s Lawyer

You can read more about her case below.

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang Reveals That Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Forced Her To Start Streaming