Pig is having his best summer life, rafting down the river in a campsite

A pig went viral on the internet after its owner filmed it attracting attention by floating down a river wearing sunglasses. Newsweek He was told that he loved water sports.

Desperate to beat the heat, people flock to pools, oceans, or other water sources to cool off and enjoy the summer sun. But no one has as much fun in the summer as this unlikely animal.

Melissa recently visited a campground in North Carolina and brought along not one, not two, but five pigs. The animal-friendly campground offers activities and tours for visitors, and one of the campers told Melissa about a nearby stream. Knowing that one of her pigs, Pop, loves water, she decided to take full advantage of it.

In a video posted on Instagram on July 2 by @prissy_pig, Pop can be seen standing in a floating tube.

Melissa said Newsweek that he loves to float. While on vacation in the Smokey Mountains last summer, he always hung out in the pool with his siblings, who also love going to the beach and basking in the sun.

But Pop likes to take it a step further and get out on the water, and in this latest clip he looks natural. “He’d stay out there all day if he could,” the caption read.

Screenshots from a July 2 Instagram video of a pig hanging in a pipe and floating downstream at a campground. The owner said he would have stayed in the water all day if…


In his sunglasses and scuba shirt, Pop looked like he was living the dream. Time was no object to him. For this piggy, vacations were all about R&R.

Melissa said Pop floated for about five minutes. He wasn’t going through any rapids either. The water was shallow, ankle-deep.

“I was standing there on the beach holding the rope,” she said.

What do users say?

Although the campground was quiet and small, without a large audience to marvel at the pigs, the clip Melissa posted certainly caught people’s attention. As of Wednesday, the Instagram video had racked up 58,000 likes and 274 comments.

“So relaxing. So glad you had fun,” said one viewer.

Another added: “I love you Pop. I love all your cute piggies. Thanks for making my day and sharing your life. You have the best human family.”

A third person commented: “Ja fr.” Pop is the summer icon that everyone aspires to be.

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