Rob Reiner Doubles Down on Call for Biden to Resign

Rob Reiner stressed in a social media post Tuesday that he believes President Joe Biden should pause his re-election campaign to make way for a younger Democratic candidate. In the post, he praised George Clooney for his New York Times op-ed urging the president to do the same.

Reiner, spurred by Clooney’s column, reiterated comments he made over the weekend that it was “time to stop fucking around” and find a new candidate.

“My friend George Clooney has clearly expressed what many of us are saying” Reiner said on X“We love and respect Joe Biden. We recognize all he has done for our country. But democracy is facing an existential threat. We need someone younger to fight. Joe Biden has to go.”

Reiner expressed that same belief over the weekend when he first called on Biden to resign.

“Time to stop giving a damn,” the director tweeted Sunday. “If a convicted felon wins, we will lose our democracy. Joe Biden has effectively served the United States with honor, decency, and dignity. Time for Joe Biden to step down.”

Clooney’s op-ed appeared Wednesday in the New York Times, in which he, like many prominent Democratic donors, indicated that Biden likely does not have what it takes to secure another term.

“The only battle he can’t win is the battle against time,” Clooney said. “None of us can. It’s devastating, but the Joe Biden I was at a fundraiser with three weeks ago was not the ‘big f—ing’ Joe Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all saw at the debate.”

“We will not win in November with this president,” the actor added. “What’s more, we will not win the House of Representatives and we will lose the Senate.”

Reiner isn’t the only big Hollywood name Clooney has convinced to open up. Michael Douglas, a longtime Biden supporter, spoke with The View’s Joy Behar about the article and his thoughts.

“I’m not necessarily worried about today or tomorrow, but I am worried about a year from now,” Douglas explained. “I am concerned.”