Oakland man arrested with strange to-do list

(KRON) — An Oakland man who had a strange, handwritten list of “targets” in his pocket was arrested in the East Bay after police investigated the stolen vehicle he was driving, according to the Hercules Police Department.

A Hercules police officer at the Safeway, located at 4080 San Pablo Avenue, witnessed a Honda Civic backing into a parking space with a temporary rear license plate and no front license plate, authorities said. The officer ran a check of the license plate and VIN records and learned the vehicle had been reported stolen in Antioch.

The driver, whom police identified only as an Oakland man, was arrested at Safeway without incident. A search of the man revealed several stolen credit cards, a counterfeit check, a stolen driver’s license, mailbox keys and a to-do list in his pocket, Hercules police said.

The list reads: “Goals 1) Do laundry 2) Talk to kids 3) Get money 4) Support.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “support” can be used in slang to mean theft or shoplifting.

“How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up?” joked the Hercules police on Facebook. “I guess he’s sticking to his goals… sort of.”