New footage details the night 22-year-old Riley Strain disappeared

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — We’re learning more about what happened to Riley Strain, just one day after investigators released new details about what happened to the 22-year-old Missouri college student who drowned in the Cumberland River in March of this year.

The case gained publicity throughout the country.

We have obtained video footage that allows us to better understand how the events of that fateful night unfolded.

We know Strain was visiting Nashville with his fraternity brothers when he was separated from them. He disappeared, and two weeks later his body was pulled from the Cumberland River.

Questions have been raised about how and why Strain was kicked out of Luke Bryan’s bar.

I obtained photos and video from the forensic file. It shows an alert sent by bar staff that Strain was verbally abusive to staff.

And then this video shows a security guard escorting Strain down the stairs from the rooftop bar and out of the building. As you can see, Strain was alone with the guard and disappeared shortly after leaving.

There is much more information in the case file, including video footage of the fraternity members’ reaction when they realized Strain was being led out of the bar.

Riley’s autopsy suggests accidental drowning

An autopsy revealed that his death was an accident.

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