Popular 3rd Generation K-Pop Boy Group Whose Debut Song Is Soaring On Music Charts

At a time when girl groups still top Korean music charts more often than boy groups, it can be a pleasant surprise when a boy group song finally makes a leap up the charts, especially if it’s an older song that no one was expecting!

We recently talked about the seven K-Pop boy groups whose songs made it into the top 100 of the MelOn chart: RIIZE, SEVENTEEN, DAY 6, BTS, TWS, PLATEAnd N.FlyingThey have a mix of recently released songs and songs from several years ago that rank well on MelOn, the oldest of which is DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful” which was released in February 2017.

DAY6 has made an impressive comeback on music charts in general since the members recently completed their military service, and now they have another accomplishment to be proud of: their debut song, “Congratulations,” is starting to climb Korean music charts nearly a decade after its release!

The song was originally released on September 7, 2015 on DAY6 The day The debut album “Congratulations” peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard World Albums chart, an impressive feat for a Korean group at the time and even to this day. For a while, “Congratulations” hovered around the 500-spot mark on MelOn’s daily chart, but in recent weeks, it has steadily climbed to No. 154.

Although many did not expect this song to suddenly jump up the charts, Korean netizens agree that “Congratulations” is a classic song that definitely deserves this recognition.

  • “To be honest, it was DAY6’s best song.”
  • “I know it was their only song with all six members’ vocals, but I really liked it.”
  • “All of DAY6’s songs are climbing the charts. It’s just a matter of time.”
  • “I became a fan after listening to this song.”
  • “Congratulations, this is the norm. Let’s go higher, by fighting.”
  • “I like this song, I still listen to it often these days.”
  • “As soon as Congratulations came out, I loved it so much that I remember listening to it all the time… It’s a song that should be talked about over and over again.”
  • “I can’t believe Congratulations is their first song… it’s so good…”
  • “Please also listen to the English version of Congratulations. It has that high school vibe.”

Congratulations to DAY6 for this achievement with “Congratulations”!