Arizona child, 2, dies after father leaves him in hot car during 40-degree heatwave

Police said a 2-year-old Arizona girl died from sweating in a steamy car where her father left her for an hour in 40-degree heat.

Police found an unconscious, unidentified toddler Tuesday afternoon inside a red-hot vehicle that the child’s father said he left in the driveway with the air conditioning on and that while he was gone, the air conditioning stopped working, ABC15 reported.

“Resuscitation efforts were initiated and the child was immediately transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, the child was pronounced dead at the hospital,” police in Marana, about 22 miles northwest of Tucson, wrote on Facebook.

Police tell ABC15 the victim was in the driveway of Paseo Rancho Acero for between 30 minutes and an hour before he was found unconscious.

A two-year-old girl died Tuesday in Arizona after being abandoned in a hot car. KOLD-TV

“He left the baby in the car. The car was on, the air conditioning was running,” Capt. Tim Brunenkant told Fox 19. “We’re trying to determine how long he was home, what time the car may have turned off or the air conditioning stopped working.”

Brunenkant noted that criminal charges have not yet been filed, but police are investigating to “determine whether this was a mistake,” the report said.

“We experience this all over the country every summer. When it’s over 100 degrees, it can be over 90 degrees,” Brunenkant added. “It depends on the circumstances. It’s very tragic.”

At first it was unclear why the father went inside and left the girl in the car.

The temperature in Marana on Tuesday afternoon was about 109 degrees. KOLD-TV

Authorities did not release the girl’s identity.

The temperature in Marana around 4 p.m. Tuesday was 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

ABC15 reported that in Tucson, where a record high of 111 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded Tuesday, it only takes about 20 minutes for a hot car’s interior to heat up to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit and about 40 minutes to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Parts of Arizona are currently under heat warnings, with many locations remaining at around 43°C.

A police investigation is ongoing.