Former Mecano founder Nacho Cano arrested in Madrid for allegedly employing illegal immigrants

A well-known music producer and former member of the band Mecano has been arrested and later released, sparking a wave of conspiracy theories about his arrest.


Spanish police have arrested Nacho Cano, a famous music producer and former member of Mecano, the cult Spanish band, author of the hit “Hijo de la luna”.

The arrest was made in response to accusations that Cano employed illegal immigrants in his latest musical production, “Malinche,” which tells the love story of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés and a Mexican slave girl.

Cano was subsequently released and is awaiting a summons from the court to investigate the circumstances of the case.

After his release, Cano held a press conference where he explained that the scholarship program does not mean taking away jobs from Spaniards.

“Sometime last year, Jimena Carraza from Casa de México called me and said they were going to create a scholarship program and that they had decided to give three scholarships to Malinche. Since we had scheduled the premiere in Mexico for next year, we expanded the scholarship program to 19 people. I go to Mexico, we do a casting and people are selected. We are not talking about bringing in workers to take jobs away from people here.”

He added that Mexicans taking part in the “Malinche” program receive a salary of 500 euros a month and live in a boarding house with teachers.

“We started this scholarship program in partnership with the school, making sure everything was going to be developed properly,” Cano added. “Employees are never replaced; they come in to add something.”

Cano didn’t stop there and began spinning conspiracy theories surrounding his arrest.

“I am not a criminal – it is the police who must be investigated,” he declared. “This was all orchestrated by the police. It is like the Stasi. It is a dirty and disgusting operation.”

He explained that two weeks ago, 12 police officers showed up at the school where the classes are held and that the officers took the scholarship holders to the police station.

“There is no need to employ 12 policemen unless we want to crush and force someone,” he added.

Cano added that his arrest was an action “aimed” at distracting attention from Begoña Gómez, the wife of Spanish socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who is currently on trial.

Gómez was served with a subpoena on July 5 in connection with an investigation into corruption in her business activities. The subpoena follows the opening of a preliminary investigation into Gómez in April for “alleged crimes of private sector corruption and influence peddling,” according to the court.

Cano also reiterated that he is a friend of the president of the Conservative Popular Party of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, which he believes influenced his arrest.

“My closeness to Isabel Díaz Ayuso is the key to everything.”

“You have to look elsewhere than the accusation of the wife of the president of the government, and I am a friend of Ayuso and I am not a leftist because I am not an idiot. This is all part of a plan to hunt me down.”

“If they find me dead in the gutter, you will know who it was,” he added.

This is not the first scandal the Spanish artist has caused in connection with his play “Malinche”.


While promoting the film before its release, Cano gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in which he said, “If we hadn’t discovered America, Hitler would have won World War II.” He added, “Thanks to Christopher Columbus or Hernán Cortés, we now have the iPhone,” and “Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador should be grateful because if they were English, they wouldn’t have left a single one alive,” referring to arriving in America.

Cano was also embroiled in controversy over a 30-meter-high Aztec pyramid he proposed to build for the show. The project was to include more than 1,000 seats and a 400-space parking lot in the Hortaleza district. However, locals were unhappy with the plans and started a petition that gathered some 20,000 signatures to stop the pyramid and parking lot from being built.

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