Two suspects arrested for stealing ‘significant amount’ of merchandise in Solano County: police

(KRON) — Two suspects were arrested Tuesday in connection with the theft of a “significant amount” of merchandise from multiple stores in Solano County, the Fairfield Police Department (FPD) said. Bags full of merchandise (pictured below) were stolen from retailers including Target and Walgreens.

At approximately 3:38 p.m., FPD began investigating a petty theft at Walgreens. No arrests were made, but an officer located a vehicle that was later found at a Target on Cadenasso Drive in Fairfield.

Officers approached the suspect vehicle, but it was empty because its occupants were inside the Target, police said. Police waited for the occupants to return to the car before pulling the vehicle over.

Police then searched the vehicle and found evidence linking both suspects to an organized retail theft.

The suspects have been identified as Faith Bowman, 26, and Khalia Vonner, 25. Police said they are connected to a suspicious vehicle officers spotted in the Target parking lot.

Fairfield police did not say whether the total value of the stolen goods exceeded $950, the threshold in California at which the crime is charged as a felony.