Driver avoids serious injuries after colliding with fallen power pole

July 10, 2024

MANCHESTER, Jamaica — A man narrowly escaped serious injury when the vehicle he was driving hit a fallen power pole in the New Forest, south of Manchester, on Tuesday evening.

Reports are that at around 11pm the man was driving a Toyota Axio on the Alligator Pond main road when the incident occurred.

Alligator Pond District Councillor Omar Robinson is appealing to the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) to remove downed power poles in the area.

“I have received a report that a silver Axio was written off in one of the downed JPS poles that I have reported on numerous times since Hurricane Beryl. I am begging and pleading with JPS to clear the road. A young man from Comma Pen almost died last night. Luckily he escaped injury but the car was completely destroyed. I hope nothing more happens in that area,” Robinson said. Online follower.

“I still haven’t seen any JPS presence in the Alligator Pond division, even to remove the poles. One (pole) is a bit far from the New Forest School, it could fall at any time. People are still using the main road to get to their homes and places of work, so JPS, please come and clear the road. We know we may not have power anytime soon, but at least clear the main road to Alligator Pond,” he added.

— Kasey Williams

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