Nirvana, Marc Jacobs File Notice of Settlement in Copyright Lawsuit – 100.7 FM – KSLX – Classic Rock

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

NirvanaThe long-running copyright infringement lawsuit against Marc Jacobs is coming to an end.

The band’s Nirvana LLC entity and the fashion brand filed a notice of settlement Tuesday, according to a lawsuit review by ABC Audio. The notice was signed by attorneys for both parties, as well as attorneys for Robert Fisherformer artistic director of Geffen Records, who later joined the case.

“The parties have agreed to the mediator’s proposals… and are currently fully documenting their settlement,” the case file states.

Nirvana LLC – consisting of living members Dave Grohl AND Krist Novoselic and the estate of the deceased Kurt Cobain — first sued Marc Jacobs in 2018, claiming that its Bootleg Redux Grunge collection copied the band “Smells Like Teen Spirit”’s signature smiley face logo.

In 2020, between the motions to dismiss and the filing of the counterclaim, Fisher joined the case as an intervening plaintiff, arguing that he originally created the logo, not Cobain, as Nirvana LLC claimed.

From the date of submission of the settlement notice, the parties will have 21 days to agree on the exact details and terms of the agreement.

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