Father among 3 arrested in Miami apartment shooting death of 11-year-old girl – NBC 6 South Florida

A father and grandmother are three people facing charges after an 11-year-old girl was shot in her Miami apartment and died from her injuries.

The shooting occurred around noon Tuesday at an apartment in a building in the area of ​​Northwest 2nd Avenue and Northwest 17th Street in Overtown.

Police said the girl, 11-year-old Taliyan Clarke, was taken to hospital where she died from her injuries.

Miami police on Wednesday announced the arrest of three people on charges of aggravated murder of a child.

Arrested were Titato’s father, Hatzate Clarke, 40, his grandmother, Charlene Ann Webster, 59, and Titato Clarke’s partner, Nancy Severe, 43.

Titato Hatzate Clarke, Charlene Ann Webster, Nancy Severe

According to arrest reports, Titato Clarke and Webster said Taliyan Clarke was in her room with her 9-year-old brother when they heard a loud “pop” coming from the room.

They went inside and found the girl with a gunshot wound to the chest.

She was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, where she died from her injuries.

Investigators entered the apartment and found a Glock handgun wrapped in a pink scarf and a brown blanket in the children’s bedroom, as well as a bullet casing and large pools of blood, the reports said.

When officers spoke with Titato Clarke at the hospital, he gave conflicting stories about how his daughter was shot, reports say.

According to reports, three adults lived in the apartment with Taliyan Clarke and three children shared by Titato Clarke and Severe.

“All three adults were residents of the apartment at the time of the shooting and were jointly supervising the victim,” the reports read.

A criminal records check revealed Titato Clarke had been convicted of 12 offences, reports said.

Records show he was previously charged with sexual assault of a minor, aggravated assault of a pregnant woman, aggravated battery and false imprisonment.

Titato Clarke, Webster and Severe were arrested and are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday for bail hearings.

“The investigation continues and anyone involved in this tragic incident will be held accountable,” Miami police said in a statement Wednesday.