Judge says political yard sign saying ‘Fuck Both’ is OK

LAKELAND, Tenn. (WTVF) — A federal judge in western Tennessee ruled this week that a Lakeland homeowner cannot be fined for displaying a political sign in her yard that included an expletive-laden swear word, indicating her frustration with choosing between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees.

On the blurred sign, her message is loud and clear: “Fuck them both 2024”

Hear why a Lakeland, Tennessee homeowner decided to put up a political sign in the video above.

When Julie Pereria put the sign in her yard, some of her neighbors complained to the city of Lakeland, which sent a code enforcement officer who first gave her a warning for the sign and then issued her a ticket for “prohibited signs and devices,” ordering her to remove the sign with the “expletive.”

“I’ve always been very expressive, and that’s not just verbal communication, but decorating my house for every holiday,” Julie said.

Julie is not kidding: last Christmas she created an exhibition inspired by the film “Sh***er’s Full!”, consisting of an inflatable camper decorated with the film’s famous slogan (here removed again), “Sh***er’s Full!”

The city cited Julie’s allegations in this case as well, but while it ultimately conceded to her on that point, it asked a judge to rule on the political sign issue, who ultimately ruled in Julie’s favor.

Her lawyer, Nashville-based Daniel Horwitz, argues that while some of the words may be offensive, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily obscene — and that classifies them in this case as protected political speech in the United States.

Or, as he put it:

“The ability to tell politicians to (again, deleted) go fuck themselves is a sacred American right.”

The judge ordered the City of Lakeland to pay Julie $31,000 in attorney fees and awarded her a nominal $1 in damages for violating her First Amendment rights.

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