Second Witness in Alec Baldwin Rust Trial Recalls Aftermath of Shooting

Summary of the first witness’s testimony to datepublished 20:24 10 July

Samantha Granville
Court Report

Here’s a quick summary, in case you’re just joining us now.

The court is scheduled to hear further cross-examination from Officer Nicholas LeFleur of the Santa Fe County Police Department. He is the first witness to testify on behalf of the state.

On the day of the Rust shooting, he was working for the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office and was dispatched to the scene because he was one of the officers closest to the Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Special Prosecutor Kari Morrissey reviewed footage from Lefleur’s body-worn camera that showed Halyna Hutchins lying on the ground in her final moments.

Body camera footage also shows members of the camera crew gathered around Mr. Baldwin shortly after the shooting, talking about what had happened and updating him on the health conditions of Halyna and Joel.

Morrissey noted that LeFleur did not separate the witnesses but allowed them to confer and exchange stories about how the shooting occurred.

The prosecution appears to be getting ahead of the defense, which will likely argue that there were errors in processing the scene. It also likely wants to portray Baldwin as someone who didn’t listen to the officer’s instructions.

During cross-examination, Baldwin’s attorney, Alex Spriro, noted that there was nothing unusual about the scene in the footage. He argued that if it had been an intentional crime, the cast and crew would not have offered support or sympathy to Mr. Baldwin.

He said there was no evidence of a deliberate act of violence and that Baldwin and the others acted as most people would have done following a terrible accident.