Moore woman arrested for putting cat on grill

Moore women arrested for animal cruelty July 9, 2024 (Courtesy of Cleveland County Jail)

Body camera footage has been released showing the June 26 arrest of a Moore woman for animal cruelty.

The Moore Police Department (MPD) received a call from a teenage girl who claimed her mother was trying to burn her cat.

The teen said she heard a cat meowing outside and found it in a pet carrier, wrapped in a garbage bag, on a hot grill.

She quickly removed the carrier from the grill and took the cat out.

The cat had visible burn marks and singed whiskers, but suffered no serious injuries.

According to MPD, when they arrived on the scene, the mother was lying on the porch wrapped in a rug.

Police identified the woman as Veronica Carrillo.

Carrillo was arrested for animal cruelty.

The cat was still in the family’s care when the home was last checked.