Kannada actors who spent time in jail

‘Challenging Star’ Darshan Thoogudeepa was arrested on June 11 in connection with a murder case. According to reports, Darshan was arrested in Mysuru in connection with the murder of one Renuka Swamy, who was allegedly sending obscene messages to actress Pavithra Gowda. In September 2011, Darshan had a run-in with the law and was arrested following a complaint filed by his wife Vijaya Lakshmi accusing him of domestic violence.

Source: Instagram/darshanthoogudeepashrinivas

Bengaluru police arrested actor NS Nagabhushana after his car hit an elderly couple in October 2023. According to reports, the superstar lost control of his car on the Vasanthapura main road while driving towards Konanakunte.

Source: Instagram/@dr.bhushana

Veteran Kannada actress Abhinaya was arrested in 2022 in connection with a dowry molestation case. The Karnataka High Court announced a two-year prison sentence for Abhinaya, her mother and brother.

In September 2020, Bengaluru’s Central Crime Branch (CCB) arrested actress Ragini Dwivedi over allegations of her links with an international drug cartel involved in supplying psychedelic drugs at raves and other events.

Source: Instagram/@rraginidwivedi

Criminal police arrested actress Sanjjanaa Galrani for supplying drugs to people at high-end parties in Bengaluru in September 2020.

Source: Instagram/@sanjjanaagalrani

In 2018, ‘Duniya’ Vijay was arrested by the Bengaluru police for allegedly assaulting and kidnapping a gym trainer.

Source: Instagram/@duniyavijayofficial

Kannada actor and socio-political activist Chetan Kumar aka Chetan Ahimsa was arrested by the Bengaluru City Police for his post X, which stated that Hindutva was “built on lies”.

Source: Instagram/@chetanahimsa

Published June 11, 2024, 07:54 IST