Professional star breaks down in tears due to ‘pressure’

Bake Off: Professionals star Mamma G – Gerol – cried twice as she felt overwhelmed by the “pressure” of taking part in the show.

The temperature was hot in the kitchen as Bake Off: The Professionals got stuck into the first series of the BBC competition competition. Viewers called it the “most stressful” TV show on Tuesday at home.

The competition participants had to complete a secret challenge. They were given all the ingredients needed to prepare 36 identical tarte aux fraise. They had two and a half hours to complete the task, which shocked the fans at home.

Intense scenes showed Mamma G breaking down and wiping away tears after the first challenge ended. As the tension subsided, the athlete broke down in tears again moments later as she stood before judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin.

Bake Off Stars: Professionals were tasked with preparing 36 individual tartes aux fraise. (Screenshot from Channel 4)

Gerol and Michael from the Royal Air Force Club worked together on Bake Off: The Professionals. She leaned on her teammate for encouragement when the pressure became too much, and cried as cameras rolled.

A comforting Michael told her, “Come on, it’s okay.” He put his arm around her and tried to calm her nerves before they faced the judges for the first time.

The emotional chef then wiped away her tears as she tried to pull herself together. She told her teammate, “You need to stop crying.”

Jokingly, Michael said, “Yes, I know!”

As they face the judges, Mamma G broke down in front of the cameras for the second time. Before scoring could begin, Finden directly asked the participant, “I have to ask you something, why were you crying?”

Bake Off: Gerol from The Professional broke down in tears twice on the show. (Screenshot from Channel 4)

At this point, Mamma G burst into tears again. She confessed: “I’m going to cry again. I just felt pressure. Relief. I was actually surprised that there were 36 of us.” Her words brought nervous laughter from the kitchen, including from her teammate Michael, who stood by her side.

Despite the tears, the team from the Royal Air Force Club performed well enough, and Blin told them they had a “wonderful little tart.” They were told that “the strawberry could be neater.” Blin said, “There is color, there is life, there is intention.”

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Gerol and Michael from the RAF Club. (Channel 4)

Social media was flooded with fans commenting on how exhausting the competition was, and it was only the first week. “Are we sure 2.5 hours is long enough?!” said one person about the challenge on X’s social media platform.

Another viewer noted: “They just need to give them more time to do some of the tasks. You get the impression that they are doomed to failure.”

Some have even gone as far as to call Bake Off: The Professionals “the most stressful show on television.” “It’s definitely the most stressful show on TV!” – said one fan.

Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin are the hosts of Bake Off: The Professionals. (Channel 4)

Someone else agreed: “Professionals are a lot more stressful than amateurs.”

“Name a more stressful TV show than Bake Off: The Professionals – I’ll wait,” another viewer wrote.

Participants were then tasked with preparing a chocolate treat and Trompe l’oeil musical exhibits with hidden pecan pies. Mamma G and Michael impressed the judges with a drum set illusion and hid a cake inside the drum. Delicious! We can’t wait to see what they serve up next.

Watch Bake Off: The Professionals on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 8pm.