Apple will bring artificial intelligence to devices and Siri as part of the long-awaited OpenAI:NPR partnership

Apple software chief Craig Federighi (right), pictured with chief executive John Giannandrea, announced a partnership with OpenAI to bring artificial intelligence capabilities to its products. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Jeff Chiu/AP/AP

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Jeff Chiu/AP/AP

Apple is going all out with artificial intelligence, announcing several new AI features and partnering with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. The company announced the deal at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday afternoon.

The highly anticipated artificial intelligence partnership is the first of its kind for Apple, which analysts say has been slower to adopt artificial intelligence than other technology companies such as Microsoft and Google.

The deal gives millions of Apple users access to technology from OpenAI, one of the most well-known artificial intelligence companies in recent years. OpenAI has already established partnerships with various technology and publishing companies, including a multi-billion dollar deal with Microsoft.

OpenAI will be integrated with Apple’s digital assistant Siri, Apple software chief Craig Federighi said at the conference. This would allow people to ask for help with recipe ideas, decorating a room or writing a story, Federighi said.

“Let’s say you want to create a custom bedtime story for your six-year-old who loves butterflies and solving puzzles,” Federighi said. “Insert your initial idea and send to ChatGPT.”

The announcement comes at a time when artificial intelligence has experienced explosive growth and several embarrassing failures. Chatbots and AI assistants are plagued by problems including hallucinations, plagiarism, and incorrect or biased results. OpenAI itself has been embroiled in allegations of copying actress Scarlett Johansson’s voice without her consent.

Apple is also at the center of an antitrust lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice and 15 states. The government accuses Apple of abusing its monopoly position to push out rivals and keep customers using its products. It’s unclear how Apple’s new partnership with OpenAI might impact this matter.

Shortly after Apple’s announcement, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “very excited to be working with Apple to integrate chatgpt into their devices later this year! I think you’ll really like it.”

Apple is also rolling out what it calls Apple Intelligence, which is Apple’s term for new generative AI software.

The company said that Apple Intelligence will enable the transcription of phone calls, photo retouching using artificial intelligence and will improve the natural flow of conversations with Siri. The software can also be used to summarize notifications and text messages, as well as articles, documents and open web pages.

Federighi has placed an emphasis on privacy, creating a new system called Private Cloud Compute that he says will keep users’ data safe.

Apple says the new features will be available later this year.