Escambia Fire Department presents awards and recognition:

The Escambia County Fire Department hosted the 2024 ECFR Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 8 at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church. Medals, awards and certificates were presented to several firefighters and citizens, and individual promotions were recognized.

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Career Fire Officer of the Year

Volunteer Fire Department Officer of the Year

Career Firefighter of the Year

Volunteer Firefighter of the Year

Lieutenant Terrell Jackson Award

District Chief Dwain Bradshaw Award

Medal of Courage


The following person was promoted to the position of fire brigade commander:

The following person was promoted to the position of Head of Recruitment and Retention:

The following person was promoted to the position of Battalion Chief:

  • Battalion Chief Wesley Barnett

The following people were promoted to the position of captain:

  • Captain Alex Torres
  • Captain Brian Diamond

The following people were promoted to the rank of lieutenant:

  • Lieutenant Jason Crabbe
  • Lieutenant Reiner Crabtree
  • Lieutenant Dale Dirks
  • Lieutenant Guy Meredith
  • Lieutenant Baylen Payne
  • Lieutenant J.P. Owens
  • Lieutenant Chase Webb
  • Lieutenant Peter Welch

The following people were promoted from the rank of cadet to firefighter:

  • F. F. Joseph Thrower
  • FF Allan Beasley
  • FF Kenneth Devaughn
  • FF Ty Morgan
  • FF Chase Boydstun
  • FF Benet Silveira

Medal for Distinguished Service

  • Lieutenant Jacob Meligan (Station 4)
    • Treated a victim with a gunshot wound on September 19, 2023
  • Lt Tad Bush, Lt Charles Bailey, FF Michael Maddrey and FF Nick Pearson (Engine 6)
    • We are committed to providing food, comfort and compassion during your call on November 1, 2023.
  • Lieutenant Keith Chapman (Station 17)
    • Providing cancer education and support
  • Ray Melton (fire prevention)
    • For many years of service to fire education and life safety

Medal of Merit

  • Shannon Hoffman (Station 11 support)
  • Chief Jim Pokrandt (Logistics 1)
    • Performs minor engine repairs, maintains warehouse stock and provides support during visits
  • Scott Jillson
    • Provides warehouse and supply support
  • Chief Adam Harrison
    • He took over as fire brigade commander
  • Deputy Chief Paul Williams
    • His involvement with ECFR both on and off duty
  • Chef Greg Campanella
    • He has over 15 years of experience in ECFR; led changes in his department that led to the development of ECFR; for leadership on new projects; its emphasis on advanced technology as part of the service
  • Battalion Chief Curt Isakson
    • For love and passion for the fire service; his commitment to teaching fire education and offering free admission to ECFR staff at County Fire Tactics conferences
  • Captain Matt “On Call” Rus
    • For over 15 years of service; assistance in the Firefighter 1 class and interviews with new ECFR members
  • Lieutenant Tom Schwartz
    • For 15 years of service; his involvement with the ECFR Awards Committee, peer support teams and CIT; pilot of the first ECFR drone
  • FF Chris French
    • For over 15 years of service; his love for teaching and sharing his knowledge; his motivation of others
  • Lieutenant John VanMatre
    • For over 15 years of service; his decision to retire to help manage the fleet; his work in organizing the Fleet program and maintaining vehicles in good condition; his work to further develop ECFR
  • David Coulter
    • For over 15 years of work in the Flota program; working with Chief Williams and Lt. VanMatre to service and repair vehicles
  • Lieutenant Jim Allen
    • For over 15 years of service; one of the first three training lieutenants for ECFR; Peer Support team leader; his deep passion for work, training, mental health support and family
  • Lieutenant Lynn Garrett
    • For over 15 years of service; ECFR Bugler and his commitment to play for any agency that requests his services

Corporate quotes

  • 04/06/2023: Water rescue for many patients with cardiac arrest
    • Ladder 19 – Lieutenant Vowell, F. F. Clark, F. F. Williams
    • Engine 8 – Lieutenant Bosso, FF Wilson, FF Stafford, FF/PM Fike
    • Squad 14– Lieutenant Webb, F. F. Coulter, F. F. McGuffey
    • Chief of Battalion 2 – BC Boothe
  • 04/16/2023: Cardiac Arrest Rescue – 90 Block Moreno Court
    • Engine 16 – Lieutenant Schwartz, F. F. King, F. F. Lemmon
    • Chief of Battalion 2 – Acting Chief of the Chapman Battalion
  • 28/04/2023: Water rescue – Walkover on Pensacola Beach 25C
    • Engine 13 – Lieutenant Meredith, FF Mauro, FF Huber
    • Ladder 13 – Captain Barnett, F. F. Stivers, F. F. Chapman
    • Chief of Battalion 3 – BC Harrison
    • Engine 17 – Lt. Chapman, FF Carballosa, FF Aceto
  • 08/06/2023: Recording after cardiac arrest – 16000 blocks Perdido Key Drive
    • Ladder 19 – Lieutenant Sumner, F. F. Pittman, F. F. Frage, F. F. Jobb
    • Engine 8 – Lieutenant Marcum, FF McCleary, FF Stevenson, FF Reeves
    • Civilian – Dr. Damon Darsey, Mississippi State Medical Director for Public Safety
  • 06/16/2023: Flood Conditions – Forest Creek Apartments
    • Chief Williams
    • Boss Campanella
    • FF Beasley
    • FF Rose
    • Squad 14 – Lt. Saxton, FF Govyadov, FF Aceto, FF Dray
  • 12/08/2023: Cardiac Arrest Rescue – 7100 block of Peninsula Drive
    • Engine 11 – Lieutenant King, Lieutenant Rogers, FF It took place
  • 10/15/2023: Cardiac Arrest Trace – 3300 block of Marion Oaks Way
    • Engine 16 – Lieutenant King, F. F. King, F. F. Jackson
  • 31/10/2023: Rescue after cardiac arrest – God’s Victorious Assembly
    • Engine 18 – Dan Floyd and Nick Walsh
    • Engine 4 – Lt. Meligan, FF Fehl, FF Pizzo
  • 13/11/2023: Motor vehicle accident involving rescue – Chemstrand Road
    • Chief of Battalion 3 – BC Barnett
    • Engine 6 – Lieutenant Mills, FF Maddrey, FF Callahan, FF Fajardo
    • Engine 7 – Lieutenant Hunsucker, F. F. Johnson, F. F. Muldoon, F. F. Boudreaux
    • Engine 4 – Lt. Meligan, FF Fehl, FF Quina, FF Opielowski
    • Composition 3 – Lieutenant Cloer, FF Hill, FF Darr, FF Neydlin
    • Security 4 – Lieutenant Allen
  • 11/28/2023: Cardiac arrest rescue – along Blue Angel Parkway
    • Squad 14 – Lt. Longsworth, FF Werner, FF Haymer
    • Engine 8 – Lieutenant Marcum, FF Brandt, FF Stevenson, FF Kenny
  • 11/12/2023: Cardiac Arrest Rescue – 7900 block of Kipling Street
    • Engine 7 – Lt. Gradia, Lt. Payne, FF Vera, FF Brown

Civilian awards

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hawthorne
    • For finding a patient who had been stuck in the mud for six days along the Perdido River; they used their boat to save the patient.
  • Dr. Damon Darsey
    • Assisted ECFR on a cardiac arrest patient at Perdido Key. Dr. Darsey is the medical director of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Distribution of Hurricane Idalia

  • The following individuals deployed to Madison County following Hurricane Idalia as part of Tactical Response Team – 104:
    • BC Boothe
    • Lieutenant Mills
    • Lieutenant Gradia
    • Lieutenant Crabbe
    • Lieutenant Crabtree
    • FF Carmichael
    • F. F. Darr
    • F. F. Walther

End recipients of the alarm

  • Chief Gregory Rodrique – Volunteer Fire Station 2
  • Lt. Phyllis Kurcher – Volunteer Fire Department Station 2