LIST: 15 prosecutors promoted to the positions of Chief State Prosecutors

At least 15 senior state prosecutors in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) have been elevated through accelerated promotion to the rank of Chief State Prosecutor.
According to a June 10 press release issued by the DPP’s office, the accelerated promotion allowed for the positions of chief state attorney and senior chief state attorney to be bypassed.

“This milestone marks the transition of officers to commissioners in the public service, where they will play a key role in maintaining justice and the rule of law in our society. These officers served as Senior State’s Attorney for over nine years,” reads part of the press release.

Under the structure of the DPP’s office, the role of the Chief State’s Attorney is to manage the District Office, assist the District Clerk or Unit, or assist the Head of Division in the Headquarters Department in handling the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of the office.

Ms. Jacquelyn Okui, spokesperson of the DPP office and the beneficiary of this promotion, explained that over time, they served as the Chief State Prosecutor.
“We were being considered for accelerated promotion to this rank because we had been in previous positions for a long time and were doing more or less the job of a Chief State Attorney,” Ms. Okui explained over the phone.
When asked what criteria the promotions were based on, Ms. Okui revealed that over 15 people were interviewed two weeks ago.

The key duties and responsibilities of the Chief State Attorney include directing the police to investigate information of a criminal nature, advising and directing the police and other government agencies in the conduct of criminal investigations and prosecutions, investigating and advising on matters requiring the consent of the DPP prior to prosecution and requiring withdrawing or reconsidering a decision to bring charges or not to prosecute.
Others coordinate, supervise and conduct criminal proceedings in a district or region, and prosecute criminal cases and appeals before the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

“In connection with their new responsibilities, it is anticipated that the new Chief State Attorneys will lead with integrity and commitment, ensuring that criminal investigations and prosecutions are conducted with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.” the DPP’s statement reads further in part.
The rank of Chief State Attorney is below the rank of DPP, Deputy DPP, Principal Assistant DPP, Senior Assistant DPP and Assistant DPP.
It was unclear at press time how many Chief State Prosecutors there are currently, but the total number of all prosecutors in the DPP’s office exceeds 400.

Below is a list of newly promoted Chief State Attorneys.
1. Okui Jacquelyn
2. Asiku Nelly
3. Basuuta Cate
4. Nakimbugwe Irena
5. Bakibinga David Baxter
6. Muhereza Richard
7. Aryong Josephine
8. Bireke Safina
9. Nabulobi Annet Janet
10. Overthrow the Innocent
11. Muzige Amuza
12. Kwikiriza Charlotte
13. Tuhairwe Julius Danx
14. Nambuya Sarah Sheron
15. KyasimireJackline