‘I want other people to be conscientious’: 82-year-old homeowner achieves results after waiting more than a year for storm restoration company

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – After more than a year of waiting, a Henrico homeowner received brand new siding after her home was damaged by hail in April 2023.

“On April 1, 2023, a powerful hail storm hit the entire area. I mean, he hit my windows. I thought he was going to break the windows,” explained Brenda Harless. “About ten days (later) a gentleman was canvassing the area, knocked on my door and introduced himself, that he worked for Noryab Construction and that he was coming to the area because they knew there was damage here. “

Harless says she allowed a company representative to go outside her home to assess the hail damage. He says the man offered Noryab Construction’s services to replace the damaged siding.

“He gave me a time frame of 2 to 6 months and said all I had to do was call my insurance company and do a preliminary report,” she explained.

Harless contacted her homeowner’s insurer, who she says conducted their own assessment and confirmed hail damage occurred.

In May 2023, the insurance company issued a check for over $6,000, which it forwarded to Noryab Construction. Harless claims the company waived a $700 deduction if it placed a Noryab Construction sign in its yard. Harless claims that no work began on her home after she placed the sign in her yard. Various reasons were given for the delays of over 12 months, including: weather and rising material prices.

On its website, Noryab Construction says it has been in business since 2018 and was founded on “a commitment to excellence and a vision to redefine storm restoration.” The site also has five-star reviews.

A search on the Better Business Bureau leads to an F rating for a roofing company called Noryab Consulting, the website link in the Noryab Consulting BBB profile leads to a Noryab construction site.

According to the State Corporation Commission, the roofing company is no longer in business, but the roofing and construction companies are owned by the same man, Anthony Bayron.

“I really feel sorry for my neighbor. She saw the sign. So she called them and reported it to her insurance. “Her insurance company sent her her first check for just over $4,000,” she said.

A year later, no work had started on her neighbors’ house.

“I hope people are legal and fix this house, but I don’t know that actually, in my old 82-year-old head, I don’t think it’s going to happen,” she said. “I’m smarter for it. I worked until I was 81 before I even thought about retiring. I’m smarter. I was a supervisor, but I let my guard down because (the sales representative) was trustworthy and talked about his family.”

Harless claims that in May 2024, her phone rang and it was Noryab Construction.

“They were very interested in finishing my house. “You know, I’m really sorry it took so long, but (they said) the price of materials had gone up and they needed me to call my insurance company and release the remaining $13,000 plus so they could start working on my house immediately,” she explained. “I spoke to my (insurance) adjuster, told her what happened, and told her that under no circumstances should they give this company a penny more.”

The On Your Side investigative team contacted Noryab Construction via phone calls, text messages and emails. Finally, the representative called back and we asked to speak to the owner of the company.

Hours after 12 On Your Side contacted Noryab, Brenda Harless received a text from the production manager:

“Good morning, Mrs. Harless,

I am a production manager at Noryab. We have just delivered 4 houses and are preparing for construction. Once you complete them, you and (your neighbor) will be next on our list of the next 4 to build. We apologize for the long wait as we try to move as quickly as possible with the team we have because we trust their work. I will keep you updated when we complete the 4 houses we just delivered materials to. Thank you for your patience.”

Although texts, emails and calls from 12 On Your Side went unanswered, within 48 hours of the production manager’s text, Harless shared photos of work starting on the house and installing the new siding. The work started on Friday and ended on Tuesday.

Siding repair(Brenda Harless)

While she’s grateful for the solution, Harless encourages others to do as much research as possible before giving the company money or agreeing to home repairs.

“I just want to tell others to be more diligent than me,” she said.

Siding installed(Brenda Harless)