Washington joins the antitrust lawsuit accusing Apple of monopoly in the smartphone market | News

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced that Washington has joined an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for monopolizing the smartphone market.

The antitrust lawsuit, originally filed on March 21 in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey, was joined by 20 attorneys general from across the country.

The lawsuit alleged that Apple has an unlawful monopoly in the smartphone market and that it uses its power to stifle innovation, prevent the use of alternative non-Apple apps and keep prices high, according to a press release announcing that Washington has joined the lawsuit filed by the company AG Office.

The antitrust lawsuit asked the court to order Apple to stop diluting technologies that compete with its own apps, including streaming, messaging and digital payments.

The lawsuit also alleges that Apple seeks to protect its monopoly by prioritizing profits over security and privacy.

“Apple’s smartphone monopoly generates profits at the expense of users, developers and businesses,” said AG Ferguson. “Ending illegal smartphone monopolization will level the playing field for everyone.”

Deputy Attorney General Lumi Nodit will handle the lawsuit in Washington state, according to the AG’s office.