Crime dropped in Oakland: A state agency recovered more than 880 stolen vehicles

Public safety work throughout the Bay Area – Oakland, San Franciscoand surrounding communities – reflects the work of state, local and federal law enforcement to keep communities safe. As these efforts continue to produce positive results, the state will work with its local partners on opportunities to expand the partnership to focus on law enforcement more at the regional level.

“Our ongoing efforts to combat crime in the region are having significant impact. “Through increased patrols, community engagement and targeted operations, there has been a noticeable reduction in criminal activity in Oakland and the East Bay,” he said. CHP Deputy Commissioner Troy Lukkes. “We remain committed to keeping communities across California safe and will continue to work tirelessly to reduce crime.”

How we got here

CHP operations in Oakland began in February 2024, and by the end of that month, they had recovered 145 stolen vehicles, made 71 arrests and confiscated four crime-related firearms. Today’s announcement is part of Governor Newsom’s ongoing efforts to improve public safety in the East Bay and surrounding areas, including through temporary CHP Pulse Action and Increased Enforcement focuses on combating auto theft, cargo theft, retail crime, violent crime and traffic enforcement in high visibility areas. Recently, the voivode announced the state is installing a network of 480 high-tech cameras in Oakland and the East Bay to help state and local law enforcement agencies identify crime-related vehicles based on real-time information and warnings.

In San Francisco, crimes include violent crimes and property crimes significantly down year after year. The CHP and California National Guard continue to conduct a multi-agency special operation to improve public safety, combat fentanyl trafficking, disrupt the city’s supply of the deadly drug and hold accountable the operators of drug trafficking rings.

Investment in Oakland

In March, the voivode released Caltrans’ 10-point action plan supporting the city’s efforts to improve safety and street beautification. The comprehensive plan outlines actionable steps the state is taking to continue supporting the city through blight reduction efforts, homeless encampment resolutions, community initiatives, employment opportunities and other beautification and safety efforts. A detailed overview of the state’s investments in Oakland and Alameda County is available Here.

Fighting crime

California has invested resources and personnel to fight crime, help residents employ more police and improve public safety. Earlier this year, Governor Newsom made the call new legislation expanding the scope of criminal sanctions and strengthening police and prosecutorial tools to combat theft and eliminate professional criminals who profit from robberies, retail thefts and car break-ins. In 2023 as part of California’s A real public safety plan– The voivode announced the biggest in history investments to combat organized retail crime in state history, vintage 310% an increase in proactive activities targeting organized crime in retail, and special operations By states to fight crime and improve public safety.