ISIS-linked terrorism suspects arrested in New York: Postal sources

Two ICE sources told The New York Post that six people suspected of having ties to ISIS were arrested in operations in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

“Remember the Boston Marathon (bombing)? I’m afraid something like this could happen again or worse,” one source told The Post.

Following the sting, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI released a joint statement:

“Over the past few days, ICE agents have arrested several non-citizens at the discretion of immigration authorities. The activities were conducted in close cooperation with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces. Detained individuals are held in ICE custody pending the completion of removal proceedings. According to the FBI and DHS, they recently described in public and partner bulletins that the United States is in a heightened threat environment. “The FBI and DHS will continue to work with our partners around the clock to identify, investigate and disrupt potential threats to national security,” the statement said. he said.

Police officers with their guns drawn hear a second explosion in the street. (Photo: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The Post points to FBI Director Chris Wray’s April testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee warning of possible ISIS terror plots taking place in America.

“But now there is growing concern about the possibility of a coordinated attack here at home, similar to the ISIS-K attack we saw at the concert in Russia…” Wray told the House Appropriations subcommittee.

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Christopher Wray testifies before the House Appropriations Committee on April 11, 2024, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo: Julia Nikhinson/Getty Images)

What is ISIS-K?

ISIS-K, the Islamic State Khorasan, is an extreme branch of the Islamic State militant group founded in 2014.

While the group has focused on Russia, many Western leaders have warned about their ability to launch attacks on Europe and the U.S.

“The precise activities of this network are again the subject of our current investigation.”

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warn of possible threats during Pride Month

Federal agencies are warning that foreign terrorist organizations or their supporters may target LGBTQ events and venues during June Pride Month.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a statement on May 10 to raise awareness of “foreign terrorist organizations” or their supporters who potentially target such events and locations.

The announcement did not identify any locations or indicate that agencies were tracking any specific threats.

Pride Month is an especially important time in the LGBTQ rights movement because it is a way to support specific issues and celebrate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.