A 15-year-old records a brutal diss song against his grandmother who reported him missing

A 15-year-old boy thanked his grandmother for reporting him missing – releasing a vulgar and brutal rap song against her!

Gen Z, everyone – what a wonderful group of people!

Last week, the Columbus, Georgia Police Department released a missing persons report on Tyron Giles after his grandmother reported that he had been missing for several days. Fortunately, he was found safe – but he was fed up with his choice of words to describe his grandmother.

Instead of thanking her or helping her with her shopping, Tyron decided to throw a tone of hatred at her – and the vulgarity of it is absolutely absurd.

“For God’s sake, bitch, why did you lie to the entire network? You talked about me, you said I didn’t miss you, I just lived my best life. I don’t want to go home to grandma, she knows what’s up next She keeps talking, I’m sending shots straight into her chest Fucking grandma, I’ll keep it up, fucking grandma.


Who said our education system is failing our children?! Here we have a 15-year-old openly rapping that he will shoot his grandmother in the chest if she calls the cops on him again, while in another verse he claims he will stab her with a switchblade!

“This bitch is crazy, for God’s sake, this little bitch is tripping. Talk to dad about me, she said I don’t miss you, I just stand and lean. Are you talking about getting me? No, little ‘Motyka, you’re just tripping. Don’t forget about your grandson, don’t make me go through with these switches”

The nearly two-minute song went viral, because of course it did.

In a statement from Tyron’s uncle, the family said Tyron has been living with his grandmother since 2012, since his mother is gone, and his father provides only a little financial help.

“My mother (Tyron’s grandmother) suffered a stroke in August 2022 and although this young man has always been a challenge, he has truly lost his mind since the stroke. He ran away after Easter because his desire to grow up and have sleeping young girls ended, and my mother didn’t mind. “My mother is worried about his safety because he has gotten involved with the wrong people and the wrong activities, but she is more concerned about gaining influence on the Internet by disrespecting his grandmother,” the uncle said.

He also addressed the dangers of children trying to gain popularity on social media and the general decline of society.

“These children are simply disabled. It doesn’t matter how well they are raised, how well they are provided for, or whether their parents are present and actively involved,” the uncle said. “They want to grow up and do whatever they want without fully understanding what growing up is really about. He’s just chasing power here, so please just ignore his antics. I never thought I’d have something like this on the Internet of these conversations, but here we are.”

The Columbus Police Department has not commented publicly on the song. Let’s hope it remains just a song and Tyron doesn’t have any run-ins with the police in the future.