The young bandit and his lawyer are to serve time in prison together

The attorney for Grammy-winning rapper Young Thug was arrested in court and sentenced to 20 days in jail after being found in contempt.

Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville ordered the arrest of the gunman’s lawyer, Brian Steel, after he failed to follow the judge’s orders. Steel claimed the judge had a secret meeting with the district attorney and a key witness.

Judge Glanville, visibly angry, threatened Steel with punishment if he did not reveal who informed him of the alleged meeting.

“You’re going to jail today at five o’clock or whenever we finish if you don’t tell me,” Glanville Steele said. When Steel refused to comply, Glanville ordered Steele to serve 20 days in jail.

Steel will serve his sentence on weekends starting June 14, according to Fox 5.

Because Steele is appealing the judge’s ruling, he has made a special request if the judge denies his request.

“I would ask if I could be with Mr. Williams and we’ve been working on our case all weekend, all these weekends. Otherwise I can’t prepare. I talk to Mr. Williams all the time,” Steele argued.

“You have my support,” Glanville said, according to Law and crime. “I’ll talk to our sheriff and maybe we can work it out.”

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, Brian Steel’s witness accused of secretly meeting with the judge and prosecutor was Kevin Copeland. Copeland spent the weekend in jail for refusing to testify. Prosecutors offered him immunity in exchange for testifying against Young Thug.