Stormy Daniels reveals on Daily Mail podcast that she wanted to ‘kill’ the neighborhood ‘predator’ who bullied her when she was nine… and how horses saved her life

Stormy Daniels has described how she was sexually abused when she was just nine years old and survived a tumultuous childhood thanks to her love of horses.

Daniels talks about her early years in the first episode of the Daily Mail’s “Everything I Know About Me: Stormy Daniels,” which was released on Tuesday.

Adult actress at the center of Donald Trump’s historic hush money trial, she reveals that she wanted to go back and “kill” her tormentor, but he was already dead.

She spent most of her childhood in a small house in Baton Rouge, Louisianawhich fell into ruin after his father left.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said she always felt sorry for her father because he “made it clear he didn’t want to have children.”

LISTEN: Everything I Know About Me with Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels shares stories from her early years in the first episode of Daily Mail’s Everything I Know About Me, released on Tuesday

The adult actress will tell her deeply personal story and reveal all her relationships with the man who may return to the White House in “Everything I Know About Me”

Donald Trump’s former mistress said she was often asked why she wasn’t more angry that her father left the family.

“But if a woman is dishonest, it kind of takes that power away from her,” she explained. – And he never wanted children.

“That’s why it’s really hard to be angry at a man who didn’t have that choice, which sounds completely opposite to what we’re used to, that, you know, women should have a voice and a choice and whatever. , but I think men should too, and he didn’t.

Her father remarried and divorced – but while he was with wife No. 2, Susan, she made sure Daniels remained in his life – and took her horse riding for the first time.

“My stepmother was very excited to teach me about horses and show me horses,” Daniels said. “She bought me my first pair of riding boots.”

“It was nice to get away and have a clean place to sleep at least twice a year,” Daniels added.

Later, as a teenager, Daniels spent $500 of Christmas money given to her by her stepfather to buy a sick horse named Jade.

Daniels stated that by riding horses and taking care of Jade, she stayed out of trouble during her high school years.

Stormy Daniels leaves Manhattan criminal court after testifying in former President Donald Trump’s hush money case

Stormy Daniels with Donald Trump in 2006 at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, where they met. He tells his side of the story on the Every Mail podcast “Everything I Know About Me.”

Daniels remembered there was no food in the house and her mother would disappear for days at a time.

“And I wouldn’t eat it,” recalls the adult actress.

She explained that as an adult, if I feel even the slightest bit hungry, “I panic.”

“I can’t stand being hungry,” she remarked. “It’s such a stimulus for me.”

Daniels says her mother’s disappearance would leave her vulnerable to predators.

A courtroom sketch of Stormy Daniels when the adult actress recently had to testify as part of former President Donald Trump’s secret money trial

Her best friend, whom she calls “Vanessa” in her memoir and in this interview, began being sexually abused by a next-door neighbor when Daniels was about nine years old.

Daniels reveals her abuser’s name on the podcast and claims she is not allowed to reveal his name in her book.

“By the way, he is already dead because I later came back to kill him,” she said. – And he was already there, he was already dead.

“Although it shouldn’t matter much because I know it’s punishable by the police,” she continued, adding that the omission “annoyed me a lot.”

Daniels said that when she found out about the abuse, “it started to kind of come between her and him,” meaning that she, too, was a victim of abuse.

In the podcast interview, she recalled how although Vanessa was believed, Daniels was not when she confessed to what was happening to Burnett.

In the interview, Daniels mentions that she wanted to rekindle her relationship with her mother while she was pregnant with her own daughter.

“And let me tell you, as soon as my daughter was born, every time with forgiveness, compassion, empathy – maybe I’m being too harsh – (because) my mom jumped out the window and I completely stopped talking to her,” Daniels recalled.

“I have not accepted any text, phone call, message, email, anything since the day my daughter was born,” she continued.

The reason, she said, is that when her daughter was born, “I couldn’t imagine how she did this to me.”

In the series, Daniels also reveals the historic New York trial and her frustration with the many misconceptions that resulted from it.

In the detailed program, the 45-year-old will talk about a night in a hotel room 18 years ago during which she claimed to have had sex with the former president.

He will describe in detail his difficult childhood, controversial career, love of horses and testimony from the Manhattan trial that attracted attention around the world.

Daniels found herself at the center of a worldwide spectacle when she told a jury how she was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about her claims that she was involved with Trump.

She testified that in 2006 she met the 77-year-old presumptive Republican presidential nominee at a celebrity golf tournament.

She was hired to work on the event when she was introduced to Trump, then a reality star and real estate developer who was not yet focused on politics.

He was a newlywed – he had married Melania the year before – and was preparing to become a father for the fifth time, with a son, Barron, on the way.

The court heard Stormy was invited to his penthouse apartment for dinner. He says he answered the door in his pajamas and the two of them talked.

Stormy Daniels reveals why she thinks Melania Trump knows she’s telling the truth about her tryst with her husband

When she went to the toilet, she came back and found him in his underwear.

Since then, what happened next has been a source of speculation. Trump denied ever meeting Daniels, and critics insisted he was lying.

She maintains that they slept together, but claims that she blocked the memory.

Daniels now sets the record straight with her side of the story and the stark tale of how she became one of the most divisive figures in the US

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