Twin real estate heirs accused of raping two women in disturbing trials

Twin real estate heirs are facing charges for allegedly raping two women – including one at a castle called the “Playboy Mansion” on the East Coast.

Oren and Alon Alexander were sued in New York by two women who claimed the famous twins committed sexual assault.

“Defendants’ animosity towards women based on gender is manifested, among other things, in the degrading and degrading sexual assault and repeated rape of the plaintiff,” one of the lawsuits reads. The New York Post Office.

A lawyer representing the Aleksandrs told the newspaper the lawsuits were nothing more than “shake-offs.”

One alleged victim claims she was attacked in 2012 at “Sir Ivan’s Castle” in Water Mill, New York. Post he described the castle-like location as a place where large bashes take place.

The alleged victim stated that she met Oren in 2008 and rejected his advances for a date. This prompted Alon to pretend to be his twin.

The woman claims that while staying at the castle in 2012, the brothers dragged her through the garage to the bedroom, where she was attacked.

“Once the plaintiff and the twins were inside the garage door, the door immediately closed behind them. The plaintiff was then told she had to change into a sarong,” the lawsuit reads Lent. “The plaintiff then ran towards the steps leading up to the house, fully clothed. As the plaintiff ran for the stairs, an employee grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the garage.

The twin heirs of the property were charged in two new trials with allegedly raping two women. The lawsuit was filed in a New York court. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The second alleged victim claims she was 18 when she was attacked after being drugged in the hot spot of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Lent.

The lawsuit states that the alleged victim stated that Alon spiked her drink and then attacked her in the apartment.

“Moments after entering the apartment, (the woman) was sexually assaulted, assaulted, restrained, groped, harassed, abused and fondled by the defendants,” the complaint reads. “Alon held down the plaintiff… The defendants then changed positions, repeatedly raping (the alleged victim).”

Both women stated that they did not file a police report after the alleged assault.

The two filed lawsuits in New York under a law that allows victims of sexual assault to sue regardless of when the assault occurred.

The brothers currently live in Miami Beach and are the heirs to a real estate empire headed by their father, Shlomy Alexander.

“This lawsuit became public after (the Alexanders) decided not to bow to demands amounting to tens of millions of dollars,” Jim Ferraro told the website. “We are confident that this case will be resolved in (their) favor given the extensive body of strong evidence, including telephone records, text messages, emails and other documents, the content of which clearly refutes these claims.”