Ohio firefighter says he’d rather save a dog than a million n-words

A volunteer firefighter from Franklin Township, Ohio, was outraged after a racially offensive Facebook post in which he said he would rather save a dog than a black person in an emergency.

Firefighter Tyler Roysdon wrote that if he ever had to choose between saving a dog or a black man from a burning building, the animal would take priority because “one dog is better than a million niggers.”

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The post has since been deleted, but a screenshot of the post is below.

As the post began to gain traction online, the 20-year-old was suspended without pay by Fire Chief Steve Bishop on Tuesday, according to WHIO-TV.

According to a local station, people are calling for Roysdon to be permanently fired from the fire department. However, it turns out that Bishop does not have the power to fire him immediately.

Instead, city officials will hold a disciplinary hearing against Roysdon on Sept. 27, during which the city’s Board of Supervisors and the department will determine his fate.

As for Roysdon, his wife Joei Frame Roysdon told the station that he had learned his lesson: “He admitted he said the wrong things and he apologized.”

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She also added: “Everyone deserves a second chance and has the right to their own opinion.”

However, Roysdon’s colleague Ryan Grubbs, who also works as a volunteer firefighter, also spoke out on the matter, but said Roysdon’s words were contrary to the department’s core values.

“We don’t choose who needs us, we just go,” Grubbs told the outlet. “We volunteer, we do it because we love the community.”