The district attorney’s win-at-all-costs mentality favors convictions over justice

Marek P. Painter

In a recent Enquirer article titled “Critics dismiss Hamilton County Integrity Unit as a ‘political stunt,’” two things caught my attention.

Firstly, that the “integrity unit” allegedly established by our prosecutor’s office is completely false. This is nothing like the “real” integrity units that other prosecutors have established; it is a mirror image. If the best practice is for someone from outside to be the manager of the unit, then the person here is one of the employees with the longest seniority. If there are parameters and practices that work best, do the opposite. This is just an election year stunt by a very tired and inbred office.

Tired and inbred? Practices – usually not the “best” ones – are passed down from generation to generation. Yes, literally. One party has held this position for almost a hundred years. And with a “win at all costs” mentality that puts conviction before justice.