Police say at least 25 people have been arrested after pro-Palestinian camps were established on the UCLA campus


According to a statement from the UCLA Police Department, at least 25 people were arrested after multiple pro-Palestinian encampments were established on the UCLA campus on Monday, which police said was illegal.

As a result of the camps, the group damaged a fountain, spray-painted brick sidewalks, tampered with fire-fighting equipment, damaged outdoor furniture, severed wires from electrical fixtures and vandalized vehicles, police said in a statement.

While protests spreading across college campuses this spring condemning Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza, on April 30, the UCLA campus became the scene of brutality when violent counter-protesters attacked pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

A CNN analysis found that some of the most dramatic attacks caught on camera that night were committed by people outside UCLA – not the university students and faculty who were ultimately arrested.

But on Monday, a group of about 100 people associated with a student organization registered at UCLA set up a camp at the top of Janss Steps around 3:15 p.m., UCPD said.

The group resisted leaving the area after initial warnings, but left after UCPD issued multiple dispersal orders. Protesters moved to the patio in Kerckhoff, where they “set up an illegal and illegal encampment with tents, canopies and barricades with garden furniture,” police said.

Police said the group also entered Moore Hall and disrupted nearby final exams.

Another round of dispersal orders led the group to a courtyard between Dodd Hall and the School of Law, where police say they established a third camp.

UCLA associate professor Graeme Blair, a member of the Palestine Justice Department, said one student was hospitalized after being wounded by a rubber bullet, which Blair said was fired while students were in a camp near Dodd Hall, reports ” Los Angeles Times”. Blair, who took part in the protests, criticized authorities, saying students had been obeying orders to disperse throughout the evening. CNN has reached out to Blair for comment.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a University of California police official declined to comment on the arrests or say whether “less than lethal” weapons were used.

CNN has reached out to the UCLA Police Department for comment on the arrests and whether rubber bullets were used.

According to a police statement, around 25 people were arrested around 8 p.m. in connection with intentionally disrupting the work of the university.

Police said the people were summoned, given a 14-day restraining order to stay away from the UCLA property and released.

Another person had previously been arrested while setting up the first camp for obstructing a police officer. According to UCPD, the person was cited and released.

As of Monday at 10:30 p.m., there were approximately 150 protesters in the area.

Tension has increased on the UCLA campus over the university’s response to protesters and counter-protesters in recent months. Faculty members were divided over whether Chancellor Gene Block “failed to ensure the safety of our students and grossly mismanaged the events.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.

CNN’s Amanda Musa contributed to this report.