The parents and grandparents of missing little Ky have been arrested. Miya Tucker

The parents and grandparents of missing 8-month-old Miya Tucker from Kentucky have been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

Kentucky State Police declared little Miya missing on June 6 after conducting a welfare check and a search warrant at a home in Reynolds Station but failing to find the girl. Reynolds Station is an unincorporated community in northwestern Kentucky, south of Indiana.

According to an arrest citation obtained by the Louisville Courier Journal, the family had not seen the child “since late April.”

Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd

Parents Tesla Tucker, 29, and Cage Rudd, 30, were charged June 6 with multiple drug offenses and abandonment of a minor. A day later, another charge of first-degree child abuse and engaging in organized crime was filed. Rudd also faces weapons charges.

Ricky Smith, Miya’s 56-year-old grandfather, was also arrested on June 7 on charges of first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance (methamphetamine), trafficking in marijuana, first-degree child abuse, abandonment of a minor and other felony drug and weapons charges.

Ricky Smith and Billie Smith

On Sunday, Miya’s grandmother, Billie J. Smith, was arrested on charges of second-degree domestic violence assault following an October 2023 incident. Police learned about the outstanding arrest warrant for Smith (49) while looking for another home for the child.

A fifth person, Timothy Roach, was also arrested at the scene after he threw “unprescribed” opioids under the vehicle when officers arrived.

It is unclear what Roach’s connection to the family is.

The investigation and search are ongoing and anyone with information about the girl is asked to contact state police. No information was provided as to why the case did not result in the issuance of an Amber Alert.

Little Miya is described as having brown hair and green eyes. It is believed that she was in the care of her parents at the time of her disappearance.