Prison Break – Nine Sol Walkthrough

OK, let’s continue playing now and go to Jiequan. He is in the Factory where lasers are generated. We’ve already been there, so go ahead and go there now.

Enjoy the scenes here. As you can imagine, we’ll get into a fight, but it’s not a fight you can win. So… Yeah, I think I’ll do my best. We will soon be defeated and find ourselves in the “PRISON” area.

There are many more scenes here. Enjoy. But sooner or later, as you imagine, we will break free. It’s good to have friends…

Once you’re clear, note that there’s a dead end on the left, so go right. We’ll have to use our fortune teller here. Send him southeast and hack the rope here. Jump to it and hold on! You’ll notice that we can’t run away now, which is terrible. Enter here and go right to find it Prisoner’s Bamboo Scroll (I).

From here, head up using the grapple point. You should also find POT you can hide. There’s no reason to do it now, but the game will definitely warn you!

Now grapple to the left and break the wall on the left. There is a guard here now who will be patrolling here and he will be coming soon (BK calls this guy Guardian). From this point on, if we are noticed, it will be the Guardian teleport wherever we get caught using his hat. Honestly, it’s quite fun to watch.

For now, hide in the pot and when he passes us, get out and turn left. You’ll come down. Down NO try to fight him, but you can fight any regular swordsman (they die in one combination).

Head left and you will see two patrolling bots. Wait for the bottom one to go left, follow it, and go up to the next level once the top one has passed you (so the bottom one can move right). Continue left, jump down and use the pot. There’s a dog down here. Follow him to the left and climb the rope when you can, continuing left using the ropes here. When we reach them, we can kill the swordsman and archer on the left.

Go down and follow the search node. We’ll end up on the left, in the red pit. Terrifying.

We need to use our fairy here and send her north to open the rope. Get on it and follow the path to the right. Continue up, killing the Swordsman, ignoring the Hound. It takes some patience. Follow the dog to the right and go down the rope, killing the swordsmen here one by one.

This is definitely the sneakiest facility we have ever been to. Go right and up the stairs, grabbing Treasure chest here (money only).

The lower path leads to a rope that you can unlock, so do so when the patrolling robots allow you to do so. Then continue right… I had to go back to the rope to hide from her Guardian when he patrols here. Once you get past it, you’ll find an urn on the right (under the stairs) and a rope on the right that you can hack and lower (it’s worth doing).

From here, head up the stairs and go left (there is another urn here you can hide in). Continue up the stairs, killing the archer and swordsman at the top (they both come to an urn where you can hide).

Now head right, heading up. You will notice THREE guards above you and may have to run away because of the patrolling bot. Follow him to the right whenever you can: you can use the stairs on the right to avoid him. Continue to the right and hack the node near this wall to lower it.

We can now head up. Do this and go left to reach MAIN NODE.

Reaching this unlocks ALL of our skills and we are no longer crazy! Hurrah!

Once we regain our skills, you can head right and jump over the abyss. This leads to a chest with Standard component.

Go back and now go left, killing the group of guards you saw earlier. Continue left whenever you can, taking the upper path (there’s a rope along the way you can lower). Soon we’ll have to go down to an area and fight them Guardian. It’s easy for him now because we don’t have any obstacles. You’ll want to run after him to strike and parry his attacks. Be sure to run after him every time he throws his hat, and remember that he has no health bar. This can’t be good…

However, once he “dies”, go left, hack the node (it will take three times) and move on. As you head left, watch out for the mines. To get out of here, head left, use the grappling hook to go up, and then go right as soon as you can. We will find it Prisoner’s Bamboo Scroll (II) on the way.

Continue right to find three chests with Basic component in them. He is’nt bad. Follow the path further into the vents and various rooms and you’ll soon find an Arrow Refill and a Health Refill! Just to the right of this you should drop another rope.

That’s all good, because we’re about to face a boss fight! Continue to the right and you’ll see who our opponent is!

After the fight, we’ll make a scene and get it Noble Ring.

Move on and now hack the elevator and go inside “Factory (engine room)”.